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Where Light and Darkness Meet (+ Video Process)
By JoJoesArt   |   Watch
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Published: February 23, 2016
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Watch how I created this artwork:…

Prints available here (next 5 purchases will receive a little extra surprise with thheir order :D):…


Light, oh light,
how I long for you,
search for you,
yearn for you,
will thou make me whole?

Darkness inside,
how I loathe you,
hate you,
yet... need you,
do I?

Am I like the moon,
dark by itself,
enlightened only
by sun's embrace?

Or can I shine from within,
unleash what's been sleeping,
be a roaring wolf,
majestic king?

It's in my soul,
an inner fight,
where light and dark meet,
how will I decide?


I hope you like this newest work of mine! I would be so happy about comments! :heart:

Thank you so much for your support! Love you :D :hug:

Your Jojoe

Firstborn (+ Youtube Progress Video) by JoJoesArt
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Comments (174)
dragonmagique2's avatar
OMG. Your so good, your arts are on hoodies on amazon 0-0
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AustrealisInk's avatar
AustrealisInk|Hobbyist General Artist
Seems like this one gets a lot of theft, but I thought I better share this one anyway:…
I'm not sure if it is licensed or not but judging by the comments here, probably not ^^; 
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Silver-Wolf-17's avatar
Silver-Wolf-17|Hobbyist General Artist
Wait ohhh no

I have a sweatshirt with this graphic on it and I don't think it was licensed by you

Oof I feel like a secondhand art thief right now
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Kaze-The-Alien's avatar
Kaze-The-Alien|Hobbyist General Artist
Once again another wonder full art piece that Wolf stuff is most likely using without your aproval. 
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UniverseTraveller's avatar
I can see others already pointed this out but...
I have seen this printed on hoodies and whatnot. Was thinking of buying 1.
Do these people have your permission? Should i not buy from them? Is there any official sellers?
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JoJoesArt's avatar
JoJoesArt|Professional Digital Artist
Hey :)

There are many counterfeit sellers unfortunately. If you want to buy directly from me, you can go through RageOn. I have a shop on their marketplace :) Just google 'jojoesart Rageon' .. Thank you!
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Stormfeather003's avatar
Stormfeather003|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I bought a mug in Banff, Alberta for $14.99 with this on it and they didn't seem to give you any credit. If I knew it was your i wouldn't have bought it.
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PolarLykaios's avatar
Das Bild ist sowas von hammer Geil geworden und sehr schön finde ich es auch noch. Wölfe mag ich selber auch da ich selber auch ein Wolf bin ;)
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PhantomX999's avatar
PhantomX999|Hobbyist Digital Artist
wait! I've seen this on all kinds of site were it's getting printed on shirts and hoodies! I hope they aren't rip offs.
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Leopardstar0's avatar
Leopardstar0|Hobbyist General Artist
I have a hoodie with this on it and my background for my laptop and tablet are this picture, as well and a couple of my profiles for varies websites. I love this picture is so pretty.
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DarkAluminum's avatar
DarkAluminum|Hobbyist General Artist
I actually have a jacket that has this design on it! LOVE IT!!!!!
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Bloodknight360's avatar
Bloodknight360|Hobbyist General Artist
I have seen this artwork on a hoodie on Amazon, did you give a company permission to use this design or was it stolen? Here's a link to said hoodie:…
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Bloodknight360|Hobbyist General Artist
Also, your piece Firstborn was used on a hoodie. I hope this helps.
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TomboyJanet|Student General Artist
this DEFINATELY feels 80s
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CherryPieDraws2002's avatar
CherryPieDraws2002|Hobbyist General Artist
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OssieOscarNejat's avatar
OssieOscarNejat|Hobbyist General Artist
I love wolves and huskies !!! I have a husky of my own !!! And I love my dog so much !!!!
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RomanAsh6398's avatar
RomanAsh6398|Hobbyist Photographer
i just love it
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SZSketches's avatar
SZSketches|Student General Artist
This is soooo beautiful! I love it!
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DaniCopic's avatar
DaniCopic|Hobbyist General Artist
amazing:happybounce: :happybounce: Love Clap 
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NikoWantsAHug's avatar
NikoWantsAHug|Hobbyist General Artist
I have this one a hoodie :D
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GoldenHeartWolfKing's avatar

There are two wolves inside of us which are always at war with each other.

One of them is a good wolf which represents things like kindness, bravery and love.
The other is a bad wolf, which represents things like greed, hatred and fear.

Which one wins? The one you feed.

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fangygirl1985's avatar
did a company on facebook steal alot of your designs and turn them into hoodies and tshirts i swear i saw ads there for this one
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MikadzukiIsAkward's avatar
MikadzukiIsAkward|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this kid in my math class has a sweater like this
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ZestoWolf's avatar
I actually got the hoodie with this print for Christmas almost 2 months ago!
Awesome work! :D
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