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- Is war the answer,
is hate the way?
Is life just a game
of predator and prey?

Give me your hand,
feel my heart beat,
put down your weapons
and let us make peace.

For we both know,
we can't hide,
we might die together,
if we chose to fight. -


My newest piece in my "Symbols of Life Series", the symbol is "Peace". I loved working on this one. I feel like the message of the artwork is so important in our current world, with all those wars and rumors of wars going on. 

I would love to hear your opinion about what this piece says to you! :heart:

Prints are available here (your support means the world! :la:):…;

Progress Video will soon be uploaded to youtube (probably with voice over!). Channel name: PeeGeeArts

Your Jojoe :hug:

Others from the series: 

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TYGRONHobbyist General Artist

sadly, it's a game that we humans sometimes do end up playing... and when we play games with nuclear bombs in the backyard... games like these can really turn deadly by the simplest and unintended mistake... They all claim they do it for peacekeeping, but arms race , as history tells us, never end up in peace in the end...

very great work and deep message....

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Those peaceful expressions made me laugh
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Good job :)
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brawn777Professional General Artist
you are a master of capturing splendor on a white canvas..and turning it into some
of a phenomenon...I AM A FAN.
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Just realized the stripes on the legs and the line in the middle, as well as the circle, makes up a peace sign.

The symbolism is on fleek
LarryRothleutnerSr's avatar
Everything JoJoesArt,
But your WORDS says MORE.
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BountybreederHobbyist Digital Artist
Took me a while to realise it, but I can see the  symbols of everything that you're trying to demonstrate clearly.
Peace (That chicken foot print in a circle, right? I can't describe it very well. XD)
Yin and Yang (By far my favourite)
Kinship, Brotherhood, Family (The heart of the Lions)
Bonds for eternity, eternal love (The infinity koi fish?)
I don't know the Deer sign though.
JoJoesArt's avatar
JoJoesArtProfessional Digital Artist
Yep you are right :D The deers are the circle symbol and they represent the circle of life being love (because without love between individuals there would be no offspring and thus no continuation of life) :)
Bountybreeder's avatar
BountybreederHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah! Thank you!
I love how much attention to detail you have in these! They're gorgeous!
bluesilverdrangon's avatar
A beautiful piece that is definitely well done. Why did the tiger or the left a male masculinity, you also manage to give the Tiger on the right a femininity quality representing both male and female alike very very well done.
Sharee1's avatar
Wow,the poetry is amazing *chapeau*
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foxxprinceHobbyist Digital Artist
hello !!
i was wondering if you could make this piece into a wallpaper like you did with the lion one ??
thanks for your time !!
shiho88's avatar
It's beautiful! Good job! :)
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Warriorcat101fanHobbyist General Artist
The president of every where should see this.
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SukalaAPStudent General Artist
Wonderful! :love:
PrimordialNothingnes's avatar
By the look on their faces, peace ain't coming soon
Still very cool, you continue to surprise me every time
arianaaviles's avatar
Looks amazing
Scourge101Sonic's avatar
Holly mother of fuck this is good!!!
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FelidaeFireStudent Digital Artist
Tigers! I love the way how they bring in the mood and message! nice work!
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MissClarlisaHobbyist Digital Artist
this art inspires me so much ;3;
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FoalFireStudent General Artist
I love how beautifully the peace sign is woven into the stripes! It's amazing. Wonderful work
mneme27's avatar
I love your messages in art, especially in this one!! Really cool! :)
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ZeGoldenRabbitHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah the song 'Brother my brother' came into my mind, as I saw this!

Especially this part from the song:
Brother My Brother
Tell me what are we fighting for
Isn’t life worth so much more?
We should love one another
Oh can’t we just pretend
This war never began?

Beautiful drawing!!
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This is really nice. I love Tigers
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