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Ocean Within

Loved doing this one :D I have been painting such few human characters lately, so I thought it was about time again. :D

I'd love to hear your stories of who this character is in the comments. What is her story? How did she become who she is? :la:

Thank you so much for your support!! Prints of this painting are available here:…

Your Jojoe :hug:
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Exotic looking gills in her neck!! I’d love to see her with exotic looking webbed fingers, too!!
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This is so much detail...To me it almost looks like she hasn't always been a mer-person. She looks like she has been struggling with something her whole life, and has been fighting for such a long time, and that now, finally she is at one with the sea -a safe place - and it is a release of all the tension and pain that she has been wrestling with for so long. Like her soul is finally at rest. Amazing job, I love the color combination!
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Adore the fins emerging from the face. It gives off a strong "ocean" feel. :clap:
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Your art is always so beautiful! I love the colours in this one!
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sea-sorceress who, in return for her power is cursed to turn into a lionfish every sickle moon. Here she is depicted at the start of the change. She does try to do good with the power she traded for, but because of her curse is consistently chased away from all the other mer settlements. At this point she's mostly resigned to her circumstances. As far as a cure goes, well who knows...?
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Very pretty and interesting
Love the fish and her eyes.
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Wow! This artwork is beautiful...very well done :) 
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Wonderful work =D
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Before, the lady was someone evil. Doing bad things for money, for people who would pay her for her service. See, she was like this since the day she knew her parents never wanted her, because she was a witch. Nobody liked the witches, but everybody hired them in secret. She would do what she was meant for, she would to evil things, for the judgment had been layed since her first breath. 

Someday, she had to meet someone on the beach, said he was a new client.

Obviously, he wasn't a usual client, the lady wondered. But she wasn't afraid, she never was.

He proposed something. He said that he was employed by the king, and that she were to die this instant, for she had done to many deeds, and sinned too much for a life.
"No ! I don't want to die ! You cannot do this. I'm too powerfull for you, you should step back and forget this meeting. "

Eventually, they fought. And eventually, she lost. She didn't know that the man had a strong magic, for he was a wizard. But wizards weren't seen as bad as witches, because they were often employed by the king. 

For the first time in her life she was scared. She cried, remembering what life she had, that she just wanted to be loved. You see, she thought she would die, so she made her peace.

As the hunter in Snowhite, he took pity of her. Her hair stranded on the sand, her eyes wet. He saw something in those eyes. He proposed to her : 

"The sea, it can be your redemption. You shall not be human anymore. "

Right away, a mermaid tail grew instead of the woman's feet, and she looked at him stunned : 

"What have you done ? "

She was forced to go to the sea, for air, because she was now fish-like and couldn't breathe.
There, in the silence of the water, she realised. She didn't wanted to be evil, she just wanted to live in peace. She wanted not to be judged, but to be someone just like everyone, in spite of her powers.
The time passed, and she couldn't use most of her powers anymore. Slowly she forgot how to speak, and became friend with most fishes, for she wasn't judged anymore. 

She forgot her human life, and began a new, ignorant, happy life.

The one she was before was gone. She was calm, she found solace in the sea. She would never go to the surface again. 
That's, anyway, what she thought. One day, she wanted to go to the beach where she was transformed, just to have a glimpse of it, out of curiosity, for she was swimming for many years.

There, she saw him again. He was waiting for her. 

TO BE CONTINUED ! :eager: (Sorry for the bad english, I'm french hehe)
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such a wonderful back story :D thank you so much for the inspirational words! :heart: And your English is very good :D
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No problems ! I love writing stuff, and I'm glad it inspired you even more ! Thanks for my english, I'm not sure sometimes because I learned in my own way that stuff, so I wasn't sure, but I'm happy it's alright ! :love:
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Awesome... nicely done the light and shadow ...
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Beautiful just beautiful
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Absolutely gorgeous all around. Beautiful job on this mermaid.
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This is absolutely beautiful!
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(I hope to dream about her and tell you:))
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Wow absolutely gorgeous!!!! She looks very peaceful.
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