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God's Plan of Salvation

By JoJoesArt
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Where do we come from?
Why are we here?
Where do we go after this life?


First: This picture is not meant to provoke or promote religious debates. You are allowed to discuss about it in the comments and to share your opinion, your view on God and the world, but please do so in a respectful manner. :)

So, this picture actually means a lot to me. On my 2 years mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I got to prepare three so called "Musical Evenings", in which we presented some of our basic beliefs through a combination of live music and an artistic story, that I got to write and illustrate. This picture, called "God's Plan of Salvation", was part of one of these programs and it displays my churches and my personal belief on the origin, purpose and destination of our earthly existence.

Before going to the explanation below, I would love you to write your own interpretation first in the comments. Just briefly. I would find it super interesting to read what you see in this picture.




If you are interested in having a religiously based explanation of this picture, you can watch this video on youtube:…

I know that many people might not share a similar belief as I do and I hope I don't offend anyone by posting a religious picture. However, this means a lot to me and the picture itself is only a very symbolic depiction of what my faith in God actually means to me. To me having faith doesn't merely mean to "just believe", that there is a God and just declare that publicly, but rather it shows in those quiet moments when you are alone, it shows in your thoughts towards others, in small and simple actions of love an appreciation. Faith is something real, something tangible for me, something that has a visible effect on my life. I have found out for myself, that God exists and that He does have a plan for us, but it is something so personal and individual, that I would never force that knowledge upon anyone. However, I feel, as I have come to know this for myself, it is my joy and privilege to share that with others in a loving and respectful way. I don't expect anyone to accept it or to even care about it, but I hope that I will be encountered with respect, just as I would respect anyone else's belief as well. :)

If you are not religious at all, you can just see this picture as a nice piece of space art. Haha :D

Favs and comments are highly appreciated :heart:
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Jesus is the only door to life with our creator God. Lucifer tries to steal each soul for himself. It is all about worship. I choose to worship only God through Jesus the Christ. If you do not choose God but Lucifer, that is who you will spend eternity with. WE have to make the choice.

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I'm not religious at all, and I think this picture is an extraordinary piece of space art. It's just beautiful to look at.
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SonicSpyroNiGHTS-FanHobbyist Digital Artist
we are not human beings with a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience
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How the heck is there not a mormon space-opera yet.
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This is absolutely incredible.
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It's wonderful!!
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ArraenaeStudent Traditional Artist
I see blue and red energy coming from a spot in space. The blue energy is infusing the two of the spheres. The red energy is infusing the other two spheres.
Cosmic dust surrounds everything. It either shaped the spheres, or was the material that made it. Stars are in the background.
Three of the spheres are instantly recognizable: Earth, the moon, and the sun. However, the leftmost one looks like another planet. It has clouds, but they aren't like our clouds. It is like our planet, but unlike it.
It is the lost planet, with its own history, environment, and lifeforms. One day we will discover it and have a huge exchange of cultures with the sentient lifeforms on this planet.
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HolyArtsAlchemistHobbyist Writer
I believe the sun represents the salavation of God residing over the planets and especially Earth.
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trishkhbHobbyist Photographer
This one is very vibrant love planets and stars .
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kartracer57Hobbyist Writer
I see the Earth, sun, and moon in this piece. What's the fourth sphere? I honestly don't know.
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FoxyDivaArtistHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful! Also God bless you, you are amazing!
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ElectricLimeRoseStudent Filmographer
Woah, this is incredible. *.*
Great work!
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Absolutely amazing!!! Love 
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ReclusiveChickenHobbyist General Artist
The grand Sun...

...and divine entities!

We are spiritual.
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KuraganoHobbyist Traditional Artist
I see your a very religious person and thats good considering the fact that many people now days dont believe in god. I am also a christian. :D Well based from the questions that you posed at the top, can i show you what i personally believe from my religion...?… I hope you will read it with an open mind. 
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AMGgirl2017Hobbyist Artist
Amazing! :happybounce: 
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BlazingLife97Student General Artist
I love it.:)
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This is so amazing!Great piece of art!.Pink bunny wink:. 
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How on earth did you do that? What program? How long did it take you? It's absolutely fascinating! And my first thought was exactly that- fascinating! I'm Christian, but I didn't really link the picture with the title very well. But still a fitting description.
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LadyofAzzarothStudent General Artist
Wonderful Work of Art :heart:
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SilverthornRiverClanHobbyist Traditional Artist
AMAZING!!! Fabulous job!

I believe in God... :)
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tanasha67Hobbyist General Artist
First impression from your image (after reading the first part of your description) is that when planet earth and the sun is combined, then magical things can happen - aka the creation of extraordinary beings are taking place :)
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leo2x4usStudent Digital Artist
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