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I see the future.


Practicing humans!! :) Drew this at my sister`s home, I had a lot of fun painting this!! I used this photo of the awesome :icontwiggxstock: as reference for the woman: [link] (But it was all hand drawn, no manipulation!). The butterflies were taken from this beautiful stock image: [link]

Drawn in about 10 hours, PS CS4

-- favs and comments are highly appreciated!! :D --


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The colours and glow effects are great, however I find myself looking all over the picture as it has no focal point and the saturation of colour gives no one part great importance. Maybe this was your intention?

I think subtlety is definitely key with these sorts of images.

If the butterflies were a little bit softer or the green was dulled down (perhaps change it to a warmer hue?) then it would work better. I find i'm struggling where to look. I really want to focus on her eyes because her left eye has such intensity and I really like her eyelashes but there is a lot going on in a relatively simple picture. She is also staring into nothing. The angle of light source doesn't give me the impression she's looking at something glowing in the distance, or light coming through the tree canopy. Therefore, what is she staring at? Who is she? I should know this without having to read a description.

The light source doesn't interact with the subject properly either. I feel her ear is too bright, perhaps even her left shoulder (on the right of the picture). Her hair and nose are also incorrectly lit. If you compare her nostrils her left one is out of perspective, this gives the entire side of her face a strange appearance. I am looking up her nose yet her mouth is almost directly horizontal.

On a personal note, I don't think the tattoo, flowers in her hair or the little bugs around her face are necessary. They are all great individually but I don't think they work as a whole in this picture. I think if you developed the tattoo for a separate image and made that a focus that would be great. Perhaps you could expand the moss component and lose the tattoo?

I love the mantis and the vine, but perhaps the vine needs to look as if it's not strangling her. The hair also reminds me of Ariel from the little Mermaid. It's so perfect. If this 'natural woman' was running around a forest with trees as clothes I would have thought she'd have messy unkept hair. That would certainly explain the fascination the butterflies seem to have. Perhaps half her face could be covered in mud, yet her eyes still manage to steal the show and poke through the multiple layers of nature.

She should embody the forest, not just be an accessory of it. I want to smell the forest air she smells.