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Fantasy Eyes Tutorial

By JoJoesArt
Heyyy, I made a tutorial, because so many asked me how I draw that glowing eyes all the time! ^^ I hope this is helpful!!

Favs and comments are highly appreciated!! :heart:

If you draw something with the help of this tutorial I would be really happy if you credited me and post me a link to your picture, so I can fav and comment it! :D Thank you!! :hug:

Here is my Fantasy-Lips-Tutorial:

Digital Painting Tutorial:

I wanna see glowing eyes everywhere!!! :dummy: :la:
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I find this very to follow. Most of the me that leads to a sucky finished product for me, but this one is different. While it is easy to follow, it does not lack in professionalism. And the finished product is amazing. This is the tutorial that is great for beginner and professional artist both. Am I repeating things there? Sorry. This is great for any level of artist, and any type of artist style. It can work in realistic, fantasy, sci-fi, and even anime! Over all this is from a scale of 1 to 10 a 9.5. Because even this is not perfect. The small flaw in this is that people don't know what to use to draw like this, or if it will work on traditional art.
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Eyes are probably the one thing I love drawing the most more than anything else. I feel that they are one of the most important things that can be done when drawing a character... for many characters, the Eyes are the first thing we look at.

Here we have a step by step way of doing the eyes. I'm confident an absolute beginner could copy this step by step, and later can branch out and experiment on their own because of how everything is kept simple and to the point.

One thing I totally liked, and the first thing that grabbed my attention as well was the simplistic eye drawn on the right side, another simple tool that anyone can take advantage of.

Another thing I like is that there isn't an abundance of Layers here. A total of 6, again, keeping it simple for anyone to get into this.

This is quite frankly a fantastic tutorial for drawing eyes for literally any method you prefer, be it fantasy, manga, comics, realistic. I would certainly point out this to anyone looking for a way to get into drawing eyes.
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The eyes are realistic and simple t understand. They are clearly depicted and explained well, and used in a contextual way throughout. The instructions are easy to read and can be followed with ease.

The techniques you show are simple and easy to follow. There are alternate views of the same eye, and a lineart for users to follow.

I have never seen another digital art tutorial as detailed or easy to follow. The work can be translated to other programs easily and are not set on a silly background, that makes it impossible to read or follow.

Well done! Enjoy your daily deviation!
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This is probably one of the most easy-to-understand, well-written tutorials I've seen for digital painting.
Sometimes I find it difficult to find step-by-step tutorials like this, but yours is definitely one of the greatest!

I really like how you explained so clearly what you were doing, and what effect it would have on the overall image.
I also love how this tutorial (and your other tutorials as well) have encouraged artists like myself to think "Hey, I can do this!" and actually give it a try.
I'd been wanting to start digital painting for ages, and your tutorial has really helped me (and many others) to be encouraged and excited to start.
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This was very nice tutorial you made; I liked the basic sketch of the eye on the top right - it was a quick lesson on sketching the eyeball in the skull and the shaping eyelid and eyebrow above it, without taking away from the ACTUAL lesson, which was how to color a fantasy eye.

As far as the main lesson, it was expanded and explained so as to make this easy to understand, and was not condensed into three of four images. (e.g., "Make the line-art. Add the lights and darks of the skin and block in the iris color. Color the eye remembering to add highlights and shadows. Clean up the edges and you're done.") You clearly explained how you work and suggested that we the rest of the artist community might benefit from a similar process.

And, it was helpful that you included images that you had previously made, to show us how the process can be adapted to whatever image we are creating, as well as giving the tutorial some context - these were not random eyes you cooked up just for the sake of the tutorial, they were part of images that many of us have added to our favorites list, the bits that made us say, "Oooooooh, how beautiful!! I love her eyes!"

Excellent work, worth four sets of five stars!
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Thanks for the tutorial man, if I get back into drawing on pc again I will give it a shot :)
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You just gave this for all of us. You're kind on your intentions and fantastic at explaining this. Really happy for people like you being in here, you know? Thanks
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So happy it helped you! It is my pleasure :)
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Thank you a lot :)
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Thank you this is so helpful :)
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thanks for the tutorial! v tight
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Thank you for this amazing tutorial! Great for a beginning digital artist like myself. I would recommend this to anyone with little experience!

My version:…
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Thank you so much for this (this and the lip tutorial xD) i was having hard times trying to find a way to color both and your tutorial helps a bunch! ^^ thanks again!
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This technique is spot-on, and I've even used it for my little blinking avatar XD Thank you for your awesome tutorial! 
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Great thanks this will help a lot. Having trouble with eyes recently :D
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Keine Ahnung, ob du ein anderes Programm benutzt, wo das so ist, aber bei GIMP ist "overlay" im Deutschen "überlagern".
Wie dem auch sei, sehr schönes Tutorial. Ich finde es klasse nachvollziehbar und das Ergebnis lässt sich definitiv sehen.

Kann ich da im Prinzip auch übertreiben und ein super detailiertes Auge malen, und anschließend diesen klasse Glow-Effekt druffpacken oder ist das dann zu viel des Guten?
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This must have taken you a while to prepare. Thanks :)
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I'm not surprised this tuto is a DD !!
Great composition, steps are well explained and the right column is just genius ! :boogie:
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THAnks a alot |
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Very good tutorial! Thanks a lot! I've used it here!…
I only did the tutorial, but one day I'll do a complete drawing with this technique for sure! :) 
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very well done, clear and simple! thank you! 
When I draw eyes, I have the awful tendency to make them uneven...and the worst part is always the lashes! could you please, perhaps, make a tutorial on lashes (the directions, recommended tools/brushes...)
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Glowing eyes pls
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