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Eternal Bond (+ Youtube Process Video)

By JoJoesArt
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Watch the Youtube process video:…

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We live, we die,
we laugh, we cry,
we're low, then high,
we fail and try.

We hope, we doubt,
we breathe, we shout,
we're soft, then loud,
we're meek and proud.

Eternity is ment to be
a never ending harmony
of dusk and dawn,
nor split nor torn,

for as we die,
we'll be reborn.


Another painting of my "Symbols of Life" - series, next to "Brotherhood" and "Yin & Yang". Hope you like it! :heart: The chinese symbols on the fishes foreheads stand for "beginning" and "end".

Thanks for your support! I would love to hear your interpretation of the message in the comments! :la:



Your Jojoe :hug:

Rest of the series:

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Watch me for more :D :iconjojoesart:
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ArdhanarishveganHobbyist Digital Artist

Beautiful! :heart:

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Love the image, of animals as Yin/Yang. Great job on their designs. The choice of coloring on each, is really great and helps, to make it look better.
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DarkSepticHeartHobbyist Digital Artist
your art is beautiful! sorry for all the faves ^^;
JoJoesArt's avatar
JoJoesArtProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you :D And no need to feel sorry haha ^^ :heart:
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SimplyCookieHobbyist Digital Artist
Your compositions and colours are just incredible~
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SimplyCookieHobbyist Digital Artist
Also thank you for uploading your process videos for free - it's always so helpful to see how others work :)
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Stratus35 Digital Artist
O my God I love everything about this The fish the yin-yang symbolism the colors! Sorry I'm a Pisces so this speaks to me <3
Groovy-Orange's avatar
Groovy-OrangeHobbyist Digital Artist
is a beautiful yin/yang-fish ;)
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akashaicHobbyist Digital Artist
gorgeous color and blending, it all works so harmoniously :)
jiuminghan's avatar

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Oh... eternal bond ... they look like the infinity symbol! I get it, now :dummy:

This is some hella beautiful artwork :heart: I adore the whole series
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karaj5Student Digital Artist
I love, love, love! all the pictures in this series! It's absolutely amazing and beautiful. Keep up the great work!
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BittenQuillsProfessional General Artist
Your work is all so beautiful!!
lDestiny's avatar
Beautiful :) I like the yin-yang style of the fishes
AngelicPhantom's avatar
AngelicPhantomHobbyist Writer
This is stunning and the most vivid thing it brings to mind is the Pink Floyd lyric, 'We're just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl, year after year'.
To me it has a sense of motion while standing still. Completion while not being complete... Lol rambling, but I love your work.
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tomatoesarelifeHobbyist General Artist
That's what I thought too
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LostGryphinHobbyist Photographer
jakubbartos's avatar
wow! really beautiful. also liked the lions!! great job
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alexanderpresHobbyist Digital Artist
This is absolutely beautiful!! Considering this is your art, I need to ask: How would you feel about someone getting something of yours tattooed? I know some people are uncomfortable with that while others are flattered. Or what about creating a design including a signature that would be placed on the tattoo as well?
JoJoesArt's avatar
JoJoesArtProfessional Digital Artist
hey :) can younpls send me a note about this? :) Thank you!
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Cynder-Spyro-SparxHobbyist Digital Artist
Really Cool!Clap 
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