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Dragon scales

A similar piece to my other dragon-"tutorial" dragon tails [link] Different dragon scales, done with Photoshop CS4 + Hanvon Graphics tablet "Artmaster", about 3 hours. Download and use if u want, but

---- pls fav and comment if u like!!! ----
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Very nice Dragon scales

it is sometimes hard to draw dragon scales with high detail

this will probably be very helpful in the future

*Free Icon/Emote* Toothless (Love it!)

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They look amazing! 
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I have an idea for a dragon like character, this will be a big help!
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Beautiful examples. This will really help me along with my own art
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I like the fifth one, also use it in REAL numbers, I can't understand Roman numerals that well, I had to count cuz I know only 3. I have a clock with Roman numerals, I can't even understand it.
SativaPhoenix's avatar
Amazing :)_ many types of
textures :D 
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This helps alot. Thanks man!
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I think II would make a good mermaid tail!:love:
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This is great thanks for the Tutorial.
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Thanks this really helps
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Thanks this will actually help me with mermaid scales
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Just starting to dabble in drawing.... this helps give me ideas, thanks
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This is quite useful. Thank you. Will give this a bit of a try.
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dis is useful + i love dragons
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Wow! So useful, thank you :D
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Great reference, thanks!
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Awesome. I normally only use like um... one scale type, but this may help with more variety.
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you should do tutorials.... just puttin it out there. maybe on dragons... dragon anatomyyyy???
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Beautiful!  Now if only I could develop the patience to paint dragon scales...
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very helpful thank you!
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WOW! I love this!, can I have your permission to have it in my tutorials group?
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This tutorial is awesome, but......ugh.......something wrong, eh?
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