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Deathly Kiss

Two dragons either performing their courtship display or being involved in a mortal combat.

I hope you like :) As always, every fav and comment is highly appreciated! xDD

Drawn in Photoshop CS4, about 8 hours

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Leytala-Velnial's avatar
Oh grambi, get a room you two
dragon567lover's avatar
So that's how dragons make out
FluffyMcPuffy's avatar
Wow, 8 hours?! It was real worth all that time to get this stunning beauty...I absolutely love all that detail you put into this drawing, even the colors you chose. >w< Keep at it!
Okamicorie-chan's avatar
OMG ;; what brushes do you use?? This looks amaziiiiiing
Jeb-CC's avatar
It's gorgeous! A lot like my boyfriend and I. X3 I always like to draw us as dragons, him being blue, me being purple. And when I saw this, it just felt all too cool. XD
presstartoplay's avatar
Really beautiful pic! Lol, I think it started as a kiss, then someone of them complained about how the other was a bad kisser, then they started biting each other and later fighting. xD
lonelynightrain's avatar
I love this!  Deathly Kiss is such a perfect title of this gorgeous picture!
tomatoseeds99999999's avatar
straight up this aint no mortal combat 
this is really intense love
 between dragons
Ipoxitye's avatar
What, everyone doesn't kiss like this?
lilman101's avatar
Love that this is left open... The lighting is wonderful, the flow between them...ah!
SolarLugia's avatar
Totally Awesome!
An-Tarxamon's avatar
I230's avatar
Intense Indigoish Intertwine :laughing:
Asrath's avatar
Your art is so great, and whenever I look it I either feel flushed over by a feeling of "Shit-I-am-so-utterly-horrible" or a great urge to start drawing and never quit for the rest of the day, in order to become as awesome as you. I only wished I had the time to do so...
That you really made this at age 16! A-ma-zing! As a young artist myself I am particularly stricken by that. Compared to you, I am still a mere toddler in the world of art. At the same time I'm inspired by you, and you give me power and strength to practice even more, and at another I still feel a little bit jealous for your eye-boggling skill, even though I know that jealousy is a bad emotion and it doesn't take you anywhere. Better feed on the inspiration you provide then ;) keep up making AMAZING art! You're one of the greatest talents I ever witnessed.
AngelofNightmareRelm's avatar
I love this for my month and would get the whole calander!! :heart: :heart:
Red-WereZ's avatar
Considering sharp teeth - OUCH!!! :lol:
she-TOR's avatar
your pictures are like going into another world, a good and fantastic world, i love them. Hope you never stop drawing :)
girlink's avatar
I was born in this month

RaptorDragoness's avatar
this is completely and utterly amazing
RaptorDragoness's avatar
and it is definitely a kiss
TheEpicHobbittron's avatar
love the blues you used
AskNekoKuwait's avatar
It started with a whisper then I kissed her. Then she made my lips hurt! :3
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