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January 20, 2020
Brotherhood (+ Youtube Process Video) by JoJoesArt
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Brotherhood (+ Youtube Process Video)


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"We may be as day and night,
as different as black and white,
yet there is no reason here
to fight a war because of fear.

Cause you’re just you and I am me,
come, open up your eyes and see,
that no matter how different,
it’s love that binds us in the end."

There is so many fights going on in our world today, so many wars and hatred. Most times it is just because of differences, different beliefs, different looks, different cultures and traditions. Differences seem to scare us humans, as we cant predict or understand them sometimes, but in the end they make our lives so much richer and diverse. 

Love is the answer. As always. We can and should try to love everyone, maybe not their actions or views, but them as individuals. That would solve all problems...

What do you think? What do you see in this picture? :)

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Thanks for all the support!! It means so much to me! :heart:

Your Jojoe
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Jojoe I've been writing a series of documents about spiritual unity, peace and creating a future opposite to the engineered permacrisis - it is non commercial, I write only to create awareness and activate people - I would love to use your 2 lions in 1 of the docs with full acknowledgement to you of course - what say you?