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After doing WereGarurumon, I thought, "Why not do my absolute favorite as well?". I did not like Adventure 02 all that much, but Veemon's Armor digivolution designs are top-notch to me, with Flamedramon easily being my favorite even to this day. Back then I just thought he was really cool. Nowadays I really like the color scheme. The simple combination of red-blue-white just does it for me.

Sadly, Armor digimon aren't exactly accessible or endgame material in Cybersleuth (to my knowledge anyway) but I spent hours upon hours to create the perfect Flamedramon in Digimon World Dusk. I kinda miss the option of just maxing out whatever digimon I like, Dragon Warrior Monsters-style. My Botamon and Flamedramon are weeping lol

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We'll see if they introduce new digimon