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Blurb about my book.


Dazzling cities where dragons and airships fly among enchanted skyscrapers and winged people nest on rooftops under a never-setting sun.

Hidden villages in desert caverns, populated entirely by shapeshifters who live half their lives blind.

Armies of towering wolfen beings waging vicious battle under the blood moon.

Myriad nations of the alien world of Zalensia, a realm where humans find themselves summoned in their slumber, living dual lives in dreams and on Earth.

Sophia is one such human. Every night she dreams of flying, never assuming more of the realm on the other side - until she wakes one morning with wings on her back. Now she must use her sleeping hours to venture across this magical landscape, finding answers to her transformation whilst keeping it hidden on Earth.

But Zalensia is not a world made for humans, and the beings that call it home do not take kindly to outsiders...


Joelle Dresden Haskell
United States
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Content may be NSFW; follow links at your own discretion.


Moonfeather Twins
Zafeera and Brynnel Moonfeather (Neverwinter versions), sometime during their childhood in Silverymoon.


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w-whoa man... IT'S BEEN AGES....HOW HAVE YOU BEEN.... this...thiswas....shadowwolfgirl from........a millennia ago LOL
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I know right? Hiya! I just saw your notice about having a new account haha
kounya Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2018
Yeah!! It's kind of old, I don't know when I switched but I made my old one a cosplay one lmao I figured it'd just be nicer to keep the two mediums separate! Are you doing well?? ' v'
JoJoBynxFwee Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018
Yeah, I started ghostwriting, and also self-published some ebooks (and close to finishing the next) :0 And still been RPing with some of the old crew too!
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Hey thanks for the fave Jojo
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