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[SFM/Request/OC] Stella by jojobibou [SFM/Request/OC] Stella :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 7 1 [SFM/Anthro/Oc] Rainbow Tracer and Scout Jojo by jojobibou [SFM/Anthro/Oc] Rainbow Tracer and Scout Jojo :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 16 4 [SFM/MLPMovie/Wallpaper] Wallpaper Tempest Shadow by jojobibou [SFM/MLPMovie/Wallpaper] Wallpaper Tempest Shadow :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 26 3 [SFM/Request/OC] Beefcake Sparks by jojobibou [SFM/Request/OC] Beefcake Sparks :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 6 0 [SFM/Request/TF2]  Vek by jojobibou [SFM/Request/TF2] Vek :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 10 0 [SFM] Happy new year 2018 by jojobibou [SFM] Happy new year 2018 :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 24 3 [Sfm/Request/oc/Anthro] LifeGuard by jojobibou [Sfm/Request/oc/Anthro] LifeGuard :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 11 6 [SFM] Merry christmas 2017 by jojobibou [SFM] Merry christmas 2017 :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 15 4 [Sfm/Request/oc] Royal moon by jojobibou [Sfm/Request/oc] Royal moon :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 13 1 [SFM/Oc/Rework] Jojo by jojobibou [SFM/Oc/Rework] Jojo :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 11 3 [Second Life] Soarin by jojobibou [Second Life] Soarin :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 4 1 [Second Life] Songbird Serenade (Sia) by jojobibou [Second Life] Songbird Serenade (Sia) :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 5 3 [Second Life]Fizzlepop berrytwist (Tempest shadow) by jojobibou [Second Life]Fizzlepop berrytwist (Tempest shadow) :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 8 2 [SFM] Happy Halloween 2017 by jojobibou [SFM] Happy Halloween 2017 :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 20 4 (SFM)Fizzlepop berrytwist visit ponyville by jojobibou (SFM)Fizzlepop berrytwist visit ponyville :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 40 4 (SFM/Anthro) Walk by jojobibou (SFM/Anthro) Walk :iconjojobibou:jojobibou 20 2


What I do as a request:

Request pictures:Fluttershy danceTF2 logo emoticon
-Sfm Pony (Open)
-Sfm Pony anthro Close [For an indefinite period]
-Sfm teamfortress2 (Open)

Some examples of pictures:
-Sfm pony: Open
Fluttershy Butterfly V2 by jojobibou
-Sfm Anthro pony: (Open)
[Sfm/Request/oc/Anthro] LifeGuard by jojobibou
Sfm Teamfortress2: Open
My loadout by jojobibou
Model sfm oc:

Send the download link if you have a model of your oc.

-I do not do nsfw picture!!!

And send me by message (Note) what you want as picture.
 Rainbow Dash is too cool for school 

Request put on hold:

Request in progress:


jojobibou's Profile Picture

Artist | Student

[Please Note: I do not make pony models for Source Filmmaker, I just make posters with the program. If you're going to commission me for a SFM poster with your OC, please have a model of your OC for me to use. I have the choice too decline your commission if I feel it's necessary.]

Requests - Open by SweetDuke Requests - Ask Me by SweetDuke
MLP FiM -Fan button by MajkaShinoda626
Rainbow Rocks -Fan button by MajkaShinoda626
MLP songs -Fan button by MajkaShinoda626
One piece logo by Spirit-bomb
One Piece Circle Icon by Knives by knives1024
Luffy fan button by buttonmaker
Gomu Gomu no: Red Hawk! by EmoHinata11

Stamp - Source Filmmaker by byte-byte
SFM-Ponies Stamp by BeardedDoomGuy
More Than a Fanbase Stamp by Sonic-chaos
MLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-Chibi

Kenbunshoku Haki by EmoHinata11
Straw Hat Pirates stamp by sturmsoldat1

Green Fire- Luffy SIG- by xXxCheekyCandyxXx
One Piece - Burning Blood Icon v2 by andonovmarko
One Piece - Burning Blood Icon v1 by andonovmarko

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