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Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

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Homage to the Ashley Madison data dump - let the chips fall as they may. Popcorn

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Glad the stock was helpful!!
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Ha! Yeah, the sh*t storm's a brewin'!!!! Nice imagery, Jo!!!!
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gambling imagery and the popcorn on top of her head make it for me.  commentary/description takes it to another level.

not sure how i feel about the dump.  not everyone on there is/was a cheater.  and from what i hear, they charged you extra to delete your info, but they actually never did.  so, someone could have made a profile on there to look for dating, found "the one", and then weren't able to get their shit deleted.  also, it's not like adultry is illegal (at least where i'm from).  certainly shows the hypocrisy of those who feel it's morally wrong, though.  sorry if my spelling game is off, the fucking spellcheck doesn't work for my DA posts, and i have a ton of ppl on my watch, now, so it's hard to find the time to even write shit!  ha ha.
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Let them bleed Pete, let them bleed.  Men that play out of their game, their partners who condone them playing out their game, the women outside of that who know what is up?  That is one part of the picture.  But the women outside of that who do not know what is up, the wives who assume their husbands are being faithful?  The lies, the sheer heart stealing lies.  The false faces, the getting away with being an utter dirtbag.  Damn straight, let these fuckers be known and get the karma they deserve.

And if the wives that silently condoned that are only shamed for it being known?  Then fuck them too, because they set their man free on likely too many women who trusted too much with the purity of their hearts to only be used, lied to, and discarded fodder.

How many of these women, sucked in and lied to in this way, had been hurt and let down in the past, only to learn the guy or guys who painted a pretty picture of themselves were lying and using sacks of shit?  No, they can burn.  Fuck, justice will be done, and only the pure of heart will stand strong.

You are done with your relationship?  Fine, get it done and ended, be honest.  But NEVER lie and pull single people into your unresolved shit to use them as a salve, cos by default you never gave a shit about them so you have no business with them.

The guilty are searching for any out they can find.  Drown rats, drown.
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i feel you.  on an emotional level, this feels kind of justified.  however, it still has a witch trial vibe that i'm not too keen on.  also, invasion of privacy is never good.  
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Honestly, I am lacking in sympathy.  Women have been shat on too much of late. This is a timely leveling.

Didn't know why I painted a female holding a finger to her mouth to suggest silence at the time that I painted it, but I sure do now.
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well, i guess some folks will see their cheatin' ways come back to bite them in the ass.  might ruin some politician's careers (heard a lot of the accounts were from d.c.). not sure if it will stick very long, though, as other news worthy stuff takes the brief spotlight.
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This stuff will have very long term implications, most of which won't be in any news cycle, but certainly in millions of homes.
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not to mention the gay people/adulterers on there that could face death depending upon what country they are from.
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Hmm, I suppose that could be a possibility.  Not something most people would think of, most would only be thinking of male/female hookups as well, but there could have been a gay section, or straight guys looking for some gay action.  I suppose you would find all sorts of appetites with that many users.

That would definitely be a very high price to pay.  Most reasonable people wouldn't be wishing death on anyone as a result of this, but with that many users, it is a possibility I guess.  This is why we have internet safety authorities, telling you to be careful what you do online, that any information you give, something like this could happen.  So if they are from a country where death for homosexuality was the law and they took that risk and signed up anyway, it could end up being a very bad mistake on their part.

My understanding is that a good majority of the females on there were sex workers or false profiles.  I guess it just goes to show you've got to be careful with how you conduct yourself online.  Maybe the guys didn't realize that, thought there were a bunch of women naturally hot for them or something.  Would have made more sense for them to go see a local sex worker, wear a condom, be responsible.

I mean, ok, maybe the marriage bed has run dry and that is the only problem.  A sex worker, non-emotional sex, that should be sufficient to take care of that problem (better yet, stay home and use your hand, or a blow up doll, or end your relationship if you are really that unhappy).  I think the big problem I have with some cheaters is if they want to cheat emotionally.  They want another woman to fall in love with them, but they know from the get go that they are going to end it when it suits them.  I think you should never play with people's emotions in such a way, it is horribly selfish, so it is people who do that - they are the ones that make me see red.

I had a close call today - total break failure on my car when approaching a T intersection on a rural road.  Luckily I wasn't going that fast and managed to slow to stop on a grassy verge without colliding with anything.  Had I been going any faster I might have ended up smashed into by oncoming traffic from one or two directions (Jo metal sandwich, yay!) or down a ditch and into some trees.  Turned the car around and crept back towards home (I was about 40 minutes from home too, had decided to go exploring for the day).  Didn't have a cellphone with me.  Anyway, as I was approaching a built up area my brakes suddenly started working again.  Managed to get home safely, but off to the mechanics tomorrow for sure, and will be driving very carefully to them.  Part of the problem was I had been driving with my handbrake on, though it is meant to be unconnected to my other breaking system, so I don't know why I could travel so fast and far with the handbreak on without any real indication that was the case.  Anyway, neither the handbreak or the normal breaks were working.  The rear breaks were working a bit.  But then it just resolved itself - go figure.  I think I've got someone looking out over me for sure.
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