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Running On Empty

Updated version now submitted - a solid thank you to :iconsolidmars: for the critique on what needed fixing and photoshop tutorials on reflections and shadow work - you push me to be a better artist :heart:

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Stock Credit List

Goat Skull by :icontechnosatan:

Dice by :iconbarefootliam-stock:

Smoke by :icon3headcat:

Hat1 by :iconstock4profs:

Chair by :iconstock-kitty:

Woman1 by :iconmjranum-stock:

Table by :iconmaria-murphy-art:

Hat2 by :iconhelenarothstock:

Hat3 by :iconmagicofthetiger:

Mouse1 by :iconnickistock:

Mouse2 by :iconnickistock:

Hand Pump by :iconfalln-stock:

Pipes by :iconsixwings:

Gas Pump by :iconsd-stock:

Background by :iconvictoriaobscure:

Chips by :iconmystockphotos:

Cards by :iconmysticrainbowstock:

Man by :iconfalln-stock:

Woman2 by :iconfaestock:
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touche! shiney dark and elegent :clap:
MagicOfTheTiger's avatar
Great work ..thank you :)
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Thank you :D  And also for your gorgeous work, which I've just looked through.  I love the stunning beauty you bring out in the female form.
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Thank you so much :love: and for the favs 2 :hug:
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You're welcome :D
barefootliam-stock's avatar
Lots of stock used here - thanks for using my dice! Yes, reflections and shadows are very important :D as is lighting direction...

Interesting image, thanks!


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Thanks Liam - gotta admit the light thing baffled me, even though I learnt about it in art school classes - but it's just a challenge, isn't it?  To develop the eye for it again.
barefootliam-stock's avatar
Even taking the time to think about light and shadow is more than most people do.
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You're very welcome!
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warning nitpicking it :dummy:

i like it i've always been a fan of the victorian style. they had their own prestige 
:bulletblue:the thing i don't like is the light. it's too scattered if you know what i mean. under the table the man and the woman's dress are nearly too dim but the mouse, the pipe and the gas pump are too light in comparison. the first thing that catches me when i look at it is the mouse when i suppose your focal point should be the lady 

:bulletred:skull on the wall needs to match the wall lightning, it's a bit light 

:bulletyellow:the shadows on the table. the table is nearly a reflective surface due to the glossy spray in it so the dice and the little colorful cylinders need a distorted image of themselves reflected on the table rather than a grey shadow

:bulletblack:there should be a shadow under the man's foot.

:bulletwhite:woman dress under the table lost some color hue. i am guessing side effect from the mask also it lost lots of details on the black  side due to the levels, try brightness/contrast instead. same for the man's coat it's black rather than brown

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Thanks - I knew it was going to need a bit of rework. Integrating some many disparate pieces is a real challenge.

I had noticed the man's chair needs sharper focus, pipe needs some touching up. 

Good point about the shadows on the table - never done a distorted image of something before though - will need to look that up as that would be a useful skill to acquire out of this exercise. 

I think I could lift the brightness slightly on the man and woman, but not too much as under the table is meant to be dark. 

I think the mouse and pump being the images most in the foreground, should have the most light, and should catch your attention first, because it's like 'what's going on here?', then you look up to find out more.  But yeah, just tweaking the brightness contrasts between foreground and background images.

It's definitely my most ambitious piece to date.  Got to thank Kingabrit for the inspiration - her manips are just insane!

Check this out!
Mythiril's avatar
if the mouse is the center then it needs better lights on it. you see it has bright spots and dark spots it needs to have a uniformed color scheme 

yea under the table is meant to be dark but not that dark it's nearly black a lot of lost details in those areas. buuuut you're contradicting yourself like that because if the mouse has strong light on it to make it stand out the light should spread to the other two as well, you know what i mean?

distorted images are easy, duplicate the liar, flip vertical then set blend mode to distort or you can control it through filters too 

also in the case of light on the mouse the floor would need extra brightness which would reveal the rose petals on it more  

and that's a pretty cool image :D 
jojo22's avatar
Thanks - knew you would come through with a 'how to' Tight Hug

Yeah, part of the shadow on the mouse is cast from the pipe he is holding, which is in front of him, but perhaps I could reduce the opacity on that. 

The distorted images does sound easy - I had been thinking it would be something like that - must be learning more about photoshop!  It's amazing how just learning one new function can lift your work to another level.  Next thing you know you're producing stuff you never thought you could - well, that's the hope anyway.

Yeah, I like this image.  It was entirely incidental that the gas canister had the words 'gasboy' on it, I initially had the concept of a smoke blower before controlled by the woman, with a pipe leading off held by a mouse, pointing towards a man, before I found that image.  Serendipity apparently :D
Mythiril's avatar
accidental images are the best :D  
jojo22's avatar
Sometimes it almost seems like the pieces were just sitting there waiting for you to find them - well, technically they were, but you know :D
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