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Little Miss Perfect

Little Miss Perfect, barfing rainbows and pooping butterflies.  :D  She doesn't exist, but if she did she'd be a superhero for sure.

Stock Credit List by :iconjuststylejbykudai:
VICTORIAN butterfly 3_quaddles by quaddlesand all other butterflies by :iconquaddles: by :iconbarbragolba: by :iconpowerpuffjazz: & & by :iconpandoraicons: by :iconarghus:
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Parker-Weston's avatar
Even her farts smell like butterflies. This brings out the pig in me. This is my wife i think.
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The farts smell like butterflies raised on grape bubblegum Nod

So moreish, you want to give her laxatives :D
jojo22's avatar
He he:…

That could be one of her superpowers, curing cancer with her farts.
Parker-Weston's avatar
I heard this, now I have more ammo around the house. Thanks for the positive reinforcement.
jojo22's avatar
Oh, is this so you can fart with impunity, and when wifey complains you can claim you are the messiah, come to heal her of hidden threats to her health. =P (Razz) 
Parker-Weston's avatar
She does the same. You would think we're related.
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Ha ha - well at least you are relaxed around each other.  Nothing worse than being full of gas and around someone you really like and having to find excuses to disappear somewhere you can let one rip. :D
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If she did I would marry her!
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We women just put on a good show of it, then unleash the beast :P
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