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Life United

Little fantasy I have, where all earth respecting creatures on the planet finally get really fed up and miraculously unite to focus their energy on neutralizing, and protecting each other/the innocent, from the ever hungry destructive forces raping the planet!

They are repelling it as it tries to reach out further, defeating it with light energy!

Stock Credit List
Wooden Cross PNG.. by :iconwelshdragonstocknart:
Cut-out stock PNG 24 - white tiger back by :iconMomette2stocks:
Battlefield 3 Soldiers rendered [PNG] by JonasForTheArt by :iconjonasfortheart:
Mushroom cloud stock by :icongamekiller48:

Skeleton - Ground - Side and Skeleton - Ground by :iconmarkopolio-stock:
RAZOR WIRE PNG by :iconfotoshopic:
Elf-like 24 by :iconkirilee:
Girl Stock 7 by :iconbirdsistersstock:
Png Bird by :iconmoonglowlilly:
Tackless Fresian Precut by :iconpeachesrox-stock:
Hand Poses 4 by :iconkokonut3:
Glossy Blood Splatter by :iconpstutorialsws:
Desert stock by :iconrafido:
The Desert by :iconlostsoulsart:
Light Beams + Rays Brushes by :iconredheadstock:
Sky - own texture
Image details
Image size
4416x2880px 5.83 MB
Shutter Speed
10/3200 second
Focal Length
86 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Nov 18, 2013, 7:01:17 PM
© 2014 - 2021 jojo22
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Thanky for using our stock!! 
And happy new year!
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Would that this were possible!
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Dreams are free!
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Your welcome my friend :hug:
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We gotta get those horses to develop their third eye!!!  lol. 
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Waddaya mean develop it?  I'm telling ya, animals can see and sense things that we can't.  They're all looking at us thinking we are a bunch of knuckleheads! :nod:
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sniff's turd... nup...
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Ahem! The animals (feeling a little indignant) would have you know that you can learn a lot about another being by sniffing a turd.  I mean, can you tell if the person who used the bathroom stall before you ate eggs or curry the night before?  (or even curried eggs - tricky, and just a touch diabolical).

This could be critically important information.  For example, an unsolved murder mystery! 

Shit Happens Sherlock Holmes emote 

'Well we know from the dump at the scene that the perp ate burritos on the night in question, with the 'special' gas inducing sauce from Professor Smellfungus's Taco Stand.'
:lights: :mexican: TACO emoticon :lights: 

'Right, hit those surveillance cameras on 5th and Main boys, time to draw up a list of perps!'

Heck, the medical establishment (and forensics) collects stool samples to analyze all the time!  We have to run a bunch of tests, the animals just know.  I think that makes them a tad more clever than us.

Do you know which creatures in the neighbourhood have been trespassing on your property when you were out or napping?  The animals do. :nod:

Werk it out Vanda!… Boogie Mewsagi 
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well i walked into that didn't i?
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Ya didn't stand a chance sonny boy! Biggrin fella  (Smileys) 
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May the turd be with you! Jedi avatar 
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