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Julien McDax

yep, another OC for the Gold Digger comics.

Name: Julien McDax
age: 24
Sex: Male
Dob: 06/11/ 2107
Height: 6ft
weight: 215
Pet: Ryoko (Tadpole from jade realm)
Equipment: Transporter buffer for storage
4 guns
flying truck with a small sub-dimension in the bed
Personalty: laid-back, joke loving, acts first thinks later, space-cadet, hard worker, clever
BIo: Julien was born in the year 2107. Over the years Julien wanted to explorer the world and more. Julien pick found his Pet Tadpale "Ryoko" in the jade realm. One day Julien found a mountain that wasn't there before. Julien went to explore it. He ancient lab of some kind. But before Julien could find out more the mountain some transported it self to the year 2007. There He ran into Gina Digger and the time traveling mountain disappears without Julien. Julien tries to fit in with professor Digger class but He due to the fact he know the future thing not go so well. So Julien decides to explorer the Astral Rifts with Madrid.

Gold Digger belongs to Fred Perry
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hmmm, interesting (Ribbit) now where did he get the truck again?
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the truck was with him when he was exploring the mountain
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I like the little cTadpale
looks good