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Salam Alikom ( hi , bonjour )

Ramadan kareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem everybody, I miss you all
I am doing well , I think .
You know once upon time I told you about new account which is going my official gallery which will contains chosen of my artwork but is not going to handle all of my artwork , while here you will see my draft , uncompleted , and complete things which you are not going to see in the other account.

I hope you watching me in the other account and keep your self at this account too .
and insallah you will like what ever you will see.

jojeangel / ejlal
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How are you people ?! I miss been here in Deviant art , I got job in some company and my job little bit take me from been active here  

Anyway, If you like typography artwork then my gift to you is the following link :…
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Cancel This week BRAINS Book Club

BRAINS Book club is going to discuss a book call " The secret " this Saturday , if you would like to join us or having extra information about this event please check the following URL :…
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This is my second - third round reading the book , I am re-freash my memory about the book right now for discussion group which is going to be hold by we all read . I am going to lead a session with them , and that session is going to be man are from mars and women are from venues

So, if you want to discuss the book please attened  the session at 20th  July 2009 , at Al aali mall in Bahrain of course . the session will start at 8:00 pm . So, hope to see you their .
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From couple day  I was outside house all day long , and I return to the house in late time in day , want just to relax and take nape for while , but  that didn't happen . When I reached house door, I saw 2 flyers under door house, I say might be new restaurant in town or some thing like that. I pick papers and I saw my Logo, the butterfly which exists at October 23, 2006 in DA over the following link:… and start progress until is reaching the recent look of it which can see latest… . I was really shocked and it is logo for a shop in Bahrain O_o.
Anyway, the worst case in scenario, they even register it by their names in Bahrain while it is mine from 2006 and they open their shop just from a week or some thing. I am having ADS with BRAINS and other people with my logo, my website with my logo, the DA contains my logo.
The worst comment I heard about this topic are:
- Why do you make it a big deal?!  Is just a draw / logo?! O_o
- Did you take it from internet or you draw it?!  <_<
- Where is problem in that?! O_O
They don't know how huge work is going to be, that I need right now to re-design my website, to develop a new logo, to remove all draws with this logo and replace it with other logos. Also, if the shop did bad job in their business, people who know my logo will think that me graves bad service …etc.
One of the funniest things, that most of my friend thinking that they made some change in design, some little bit of trick...Etc. They did feel shocked when they saw is just copy and past job <_< and change only the color from black to Blue.

If you would like me to design to you or draw some thing to you, you can e-mail me over about what would like to be design specifically to you / painted to you. The price is going to be discuss depend on the type of project.

- First we will discuss what would you like to be done to you
- I will gave you price of the work and we discuss it.
- I will show you the work over e-mail.
- Then I will send you the work.
- If the work was a painting, you may ask for original or printout.
Also, remember you can ask for any artwork printout from my gallery at DA or Flicker or my website.
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