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Hey guys =),

1 Topic: Yesterday i looked at my Pageviews counter and saw a a Number with 5 signs, oh what happend there, 10000 people looked at my Page, well ok, im Comparison to other photographers round here and over a time of 3 years, but with shitty pics at the beginning^^, this isn't too good.

I just wanted to thank all my watchers and the people who like my pictures for their support and the kind words =), it really lights up my mood, when i see, that other people like, what i do. So thx =)

2 Topic: Recently i heard from members here, that some of these new groups feel like some kind of elite troup, getting declines all the time, reading their rules and journals. I don't like this fact. I don't like, that some here say, "I don't want "not Top art" in my gallery because that could make a bad image, ououhhhhh a bad image on the worlds most important site Deviantart (irony turned off). Don't get me wrong, there is a lot very bad art here which shouldn't be in groups which share beautidul art, but if some people just don't get "Marc Adamus - Pics", and then get declined, that's just small-minded. I won't say names and i don't blame anybody, just an opinion.

3 Topic: And now to the best part, the features. I make no themes, just wild featuring^^.

Storm, wild and a bit crazy by skalli85 I by NachoRomero
Autumn is coming by Ashale :thumb150244840:
:thumb150238303: deux by AncaCernoschi
Beautiful sea by Aerobozt Timeless Journey by DrewHopper
:thumb149922079: blue magic by detail24
Misty Morning by MarcoHeisler Sunset in Toledo by locked-inside
Frost by collectiveone
Elvenpath by Argolith Apple Tree Shadows by Philippe-Albanel
:thumb149204941: In the light by Hieronimus-art
:thumb149295510: Ominous by FireflyPhotosAust
:thumb149058556: The Innocent Five by IngoSchobert
:thumb147855194: winter by SusanCoffey

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how can I do features in my journal??