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My Handwriting Font

I didn't know you could submit fonts as deviations. Well. you this is my handwriting.

the process was:
-scan handwriting
-edit through a font software
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Can this be used for commercial purposes?
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Your handwriting has been used here: [link]

Thanks a lot for sharing it :D
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thanks:) loved it!
you've got beautiful handwriting!
Wish my handwriting was even half as good as yours! Nice Job - Thanks!
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Woo, another great font for use.
And as always, I'm not the best at HANDwritting ;)
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Could you PLEASE explain the process a bit better for me???... For a long time now I've wanted to create a font with my handwriting, and no one I know has been able to teach me... :cries:
I would really appreciate it... =D
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I did this a while ago so my steps may be off, but It was kind of a draining process. I wrote out the alphabet and other symbols on a sheet of paper and scanned that image. And then I individually copied and pasted each letter and symbol from the scanned file as its own separate file. And then I believe I downloaded a trial version of fontcreator? or some software like that. (just google it) and then using then I individually edited each letter so they would work together...its just a lot of playing around with the program and.. stuff.. I'm sorry, I can't be more helpful, my memory is fuzzy.
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thanks i was wondering this too, i really like my handwriting lol and i was going to try uploading it as a font for stuff.
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Thanks a lot... It's been very helpful, at least know I have an idea of what to do... so I guess I'll go try it out... =D
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I love it! :)
I'll definitely use it. ^^
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Great font. Except you don't have ' or "
i love this font!!!! yay
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you have been temporarily featured in my "Oibyrd Resource File" :clap: plz see the link for details :)
---> [link]
keep up the great work! :winner::clap:
Sandi :heart:
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I love your handwriting...mine is illegible, haha. I'll definitly be using this
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Haha, awesome! someone's actually gonna use it =)
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