Another Pumpkin Season Begins!

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Hello again! So six months after I said I was going to, I finally went and replied to all the old comments from last year! Sorry about being a weirdo replying to comments a year late! orz

Anyway, it's pumpkin time yet again! This year has the distinction of being the first year in a long time where I haven't had a theme planned out! Even two years ago when I didn't manage to get a theme done, I at least still had a plan for one. For this year I have a few ideas rattling about, but nothing really definite. And a bigger problem, I've actually got non-pumpkin carving plans for Halloween night! Not that that's stopped me before, but between that and no theme set, I'm kinda like huh. Anyway, I'm rambling. There will definitely be more cool pumpkins this year to look forward to!

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LOL! Nothing wrong with going weirdo :XD:.

Just make the ones you feel like, though, could I suggest doing more inked ones? I know you're a purist but a few details do look great when inked.
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Nope! I'm not ashamed of my weirdness, but I do tend to apologize too much xD

I went a little nuts with the ink on my Hyrule Warriors pair, and I really liked the effect!
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Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!
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Thanks! I've got some fun ideas in mind :D