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White Mage in the Gardens

And now for something that doesn't involve knives and fruit!

My White Mage costume, finished earlier this summer. It was originally supposed to be done for last Halloween to go with my video game theme, but I was too busy carving all the pumpkins. Even though it's been done for a couple of months, I kind of delayed getting a photoshoot together, which is why you're getting pictures now. This is actually my first sewn costume I've posted here, the pirate is all assembled, and I've never gotten good pictures of any of the other costumes. Hope you guys like it!

Various people around the internet heard me complaining about red triangles this summer. This is why. There are 65 of them, I counted as I sewed each one on individually. It was a labor of love, for all my whining. It took me a couple weeks to finish, because I'd get sick of it and take a break for a few days.

Design wise, it's kind of my own take on the white mage look. I feel like it's a blend of the original Final Fantasy version and the one Princess Garnet wears in Final Fantasy IX, with my own touches on what I thought would look good. It's made of a linen look poly blend so it has a good weight. Underneath, there's actually a tunic and pants I sewed as well, but they're not visible. It's definitely a winter costume.

I'll upload more in the next few days! Hopefully I'll post something more interesting in the description, too.

Credit where credit is due- Many thanks to my good friends who helped me out with getting pictures! Makeup was done by the lovely ~shriekerssj. Photography was by *Phido-the-flareon and ~shriekerssj.

Costume sewn by me- *joh-wee
Photo by: *Phido-the-flareon.
White Mage belongs to Square-Enix and such.
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*cheers* Whoooo! I do so love this costume. It is downright impressive.
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Finally! At last, the long-awaited legendary cosplaying of joh-wee that I've heard about for so long! :la: And you've done such a beautiful job at it! And even though you've tailored that outfit yourself, it certainly look authentic! The serene look on your face compliments the gentle nature of the healing white mage as well. A great combination! Can't wait to see more, I say! :clap:
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Aaah, thank you! I'm so bad at looking serene, for every picture of serenity there's a dozen where I'm making some weird face or another.