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The Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack and Sally

We're Simply Meant to Be~

Summary of what I'm doing this year: In years past when I did theme groups for Halloween, there were usually some leftover patterns that I never got to carving, either due to time or lack of pumpkins. Or in some cases, a new pattern would release later after I'd already done a theme. Revisiting some of these has always been on my mind, and I figured that my 20th year of carving pumpkins would be the perfect time for it!

This wasn't part of the original Disney theme in 2008, primarily because Zombie Pumpkins came out with this pattern in 2014, and I had already carved Jack Skellington on a lovely white pumpkin. I wasn't even going to do it for this Disney theme either, I had a different Disney pattern in mind, but when I was looking at the pumpkin I had, getting ready to stick the pattern on, it just wasn't a good match. This was a really nice pumpkin, very square, and the other design I was thinking of is kind of tall and narrow. So I switched things up last minute and I'm glad I did, cause this turned out very lovely.  Not too difficult either, I bet 2008 me could have handled it if it had existed.

Jack Skellington and Sally © Tim Burton and Disney
Stencil © Zombie Pumpkins [link]
Carving © Me
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