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The Legend of Pumpkin

By johwee
Lit Up Version: [link]

=Leonof makes some nice stencils. I saw this one and had to carve it. It's simple and elegant and it's Zelda, who could complain?

The stencil: [link]

I was late in carving this one for Halloween. I carved it after trick or treating at about 11. Finished about halfway through Advent Children, at the part where Bahamut Sin showed up and I just started watching instead. That is just a bad movie to watch while trying to do something else, I always end up watching it intently.

I ended up going over and detailing all the edges with an exacto knife, can you tell? It looks so much sharper in person.

Stencil © =Leonof - [link]
Carving © Me
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© 2007 - 2021 johwee
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Aw, why'd you remove this stencil??
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It wasn't my stencil, you'd have to ask the person who uploaded it.
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Hello! I used/featured some of your work here:


If you would rather it be removed, please let me know! C:
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Hey no prob, thanks for the feature!
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Anytime! Gotta love an LoZ pumpkin! :XD:
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epic pumpkin ween. i'd have this thing preserved. or at least take tons of pics. very cool.
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Sadly, there's no real super way to preserve pumpkins more then just a couple of weeks at the very best. I stick to taking tons of pictures :D
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Heil this shit~ i am a huge fan of legend of zeld and i give it 100000/10!!
i'am us this 100% for halloween!!!
Thx you,i can die happy now :D.
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Hi! I just wanted to let you know I featured this in my weekly column on Fandomania:

Fandomestic: 10 More Geeky Fandom Pumpkins
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Hey, thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply!
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Lol, we are twins ;D

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I like this one. I enjoy playing The Legend Of Zelda, especially Windwaker & Twilight Princess.
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Yeah! LOL I love the title! good pumpkin job!
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It's.... Beautiful....
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lol :D Legend of Pumkin :rofl: Thats funny!

Great job by the way! I sould try this with a Pumpkin :P
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You know what would make it even more awesome? If it played the TP version of the Zelda theme whenever trick-or-treaters walked by. (Specifically, the short song the Wii plays if you put the disc in but don't actually play it.)
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That would have been so awesome... except I carved this one after Trick or Treating.
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Zelda kicks arse.
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This symbol looks good on a pumpkin. (Some of Leonof's other stencils aren't as clear.)
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:pokeball: Ooohh cool! ^_^ :pokeball:
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