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Survivor of the Flames

By johwee
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I think this may be one of my favorite carvings ever, and I'm betting it won't be nearly as popular as my others. Such is the way of pumpkin carving.

So this is Spook, the Survivor of the Flames, from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy. These books are awesome, and you should read them if you haven't already. I'm serious. Go read them.

So this pumpkin is based off one of my favorite images from the third book. Spook, also known as Lestibournes, with his blindfold and burnt cape, surrounded by flames. The pattern also incorporates the the symbol for Tin in the background, and Pewter on his chest. Read the books, it will make sense.

As for the pattern, since I can't draw for beans the credit for this goes to by good buddy Ashleigh! She did a fantastic job of pattern making. Major credit and thanks to her :D

I had a lot of fun carving it as well, even if it took awhile. About 6 hours, I think. I used a lot of the marker technique, but I think it turned out well. I tried to give it a gradient so the ends were more burnt, but it didn't photograph very well. Such is the way of pumpkin carving.

Light Version: [link]

Detailed Version: [link]

Mistborn and Spook © Brandon Sanderson
Pattern © Ashleigh
Carving © Me
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© 2011 - 2021 johwee
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This is possibly the most amazing thing I've ever seen
johwee's avatar
Thank you! It's one of my favorites as well!
ArlyssStewart's avatar
Simply amazing, thank you for making this
johwee's avatar
You're welcome, thank you for checking it out!
ArlyssStewart's avatar
The pleasure was mine :D
CaptMalReynolds's avatar
This is a super cool piece! It actually kind of reminds me of a pumpkin carving. I loved Spook's story in the final book, and the pewter carving is just... yes....
johwee's avatar
Thank you! The final book managed to push Spook up to my favorite character :D
CaptMalReynolds's avatar
Just clued in that it was exactly a pumpkin carving *facepalm* this is even more awesome now btw.
ChristianWarrior713's avatar
This is amazing.  Love the way you used the symbols for Tin and Pewter!
johwee's avatar
Thank you! Those are probably my favorite parts of the carve too. Or maybe the cape, I really like the cape.
UniquelySane's avatar
Don't know the books, but I kinda want to read 'em now, especially if they can inspire such an awesome pumpkin carving :D
johwee's avatar
I really recommend them! The third in the trilogy will be out someday, not sure when though.
Schellah's avatar
I think I might scream... Because this is one of the coolest things I've seen... About an amazing character... that I love :3 Truly this is an awesome job. I love it, so much like I love Spook >3<
johwee's avatar
Thank you so much!
ssquared's avatar
Wuuuuut. Not only did you do an awesome art for an awesome book, but you did it on a PUMPKIN. Mad props. This is amazing.
johwee's avatar
Thank you so much! I love those books to death so I had to make a pumpkin for it :D
knothole-chronicler's avatar
You, sir, are amazing. Spook was one of my favorite characters in the Mistborn trilogy. Love this and your latest Sanderson pumpkin!
johwee's avatar
Thank you! He was totally my favorite character from the trilogy too. I hope we find out more about what happened to him in the next books from the world.
johwee's avatar
awisha-teh-ninja's avatar
My goodness! I just read this part in the book. (like, no joke put book down to browse some art and found this.)
Fantastic carving job. The marking on his chest stands out so well.
johwee's avatar
Thank you! I'm always looking for cool fanart after I finish stuff :D
suddenlyahat's avatar
Holy wow! This is a pumpkin! :O
johwee's avatar
Yup! Pumpkin art at it's finest, if I'm at liberty to brag a bit!
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