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Rand al'Thor - The Pumpkin Reborn



Dedicated to Robert Jordan.
And now it's that time of year when I carve a fancy pumpkin for a fandom that none of my watchers have heard of, yay!

This pumpkin is a tribute to one of my all time favorite book series. The Wheel of Time wasn't the series that instilled a love of fantasy books in me, but it was the series that instilled a love of arguing about books in me. And it's finally coming to an end this January, so I figured this was the year to carve a tribute pumpkin.

So I carved the Dragon Reborn, Rand al'Thor. The pattern was made by ~TamIsMyFather who is the artist behind the Spook pattern from last year. She is so wonderful, she can translate my stick figure ideas into awesomeness. Incorporated into the design is the Dragon's Fang, the dragon from Rand's banner, the blade Callandor, and Rand's silhouette. It took about 6 hours to carve total.

Light Version: [link]

Rand al'Thor and Wheel of Time © Robert Jordan
Pattern © ~TamIsMyFather
Carving © Me
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This. Is. Simply. Awesome.