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Rand al'Thor Pumpkin Light Version

The dragon's eye totally follows you around.

I also found out that superglue is a really effective way of fixing pumpkins. Who knew, right?

Dark Version: [link]

Rand al'Thor and Wheel of Time © Robert Jordan
Pattern © ~TamIsMyFather
Carving © Me
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© 2012 - 2022 johwee
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Greatest pumpkin ever made
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Hey, this was featured last week on the Fan Art Friday blog on the front page of [link]
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Dude that is so awesome! Thanks for letting me know!
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Don't hate me because I like the light version better.
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But would you like it as much if I didn't take the time to put up a backdrop?
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Yes. It's something about being able to see the whole pumpkin--you don't really get that in the dark versions. Maybe if you backlit them somehow? I don't know, I am not the lighting expert.
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Hmmm... I guess I could backlight them a little, but I tend to prefer the dark versions since they zoom in on the design a bit more. I could try experimenting with light more with the next pumpkins.
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