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Pumpkin Head

Last one of the Halloween night, but hopefully not of the season. Got I think 9 more pumpkins all whole and ready for the knife, including a few good giant ones. And let us take the time to mourn the loss of the 5 gutted pumpkins that didn't get carved. Their fuzzy death was not in vain, as now I know how many I can carve in a day, and that I must start sooner next year.

Another awesome zombie pumpkin. And another design that everyone else did this year. I think it turned out nicely enough. The lighting on the picture came out the best I think. What with that glow on top. I should have cleaned up my obligatory shading a bit more, but I was in a hurry.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Stencil © Ryan Wickstrand @ [link]
Carving © Me.
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can i have the link to this pattern? i would love to carve this at some point.
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That is a very spiffy carving. props. zombie pumpkin has awesome stencils. is it designed to be shaded, or are you just awesome and do it anyway?
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I did it anyway, Ryan prefers traditional full cutouts.
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Damn that came out so nicely. Nice work!
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This was actually one of my favorite of the Halloween batch.
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This one seems particularly glowy.
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Much love to you. :heart:
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