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Pinkie Pie's Watermelon Show-off

So this isn't as bright as my usual watermelon surface lit ones. I played around with a bunch of different lighting options and this is what I came up with in the end. If it wasn't 3 in the morning I probably would have tried for a little brighter, but it still gets the point across.

Oh Pinkie Pie, what ever shall we do with you.

Just for fun, these are all the episodes I watched: Sisterhooves Social, The Last Roundup, The Return of Harmony 1 & 2, Lesson Zero, A Canterlot Wedding 1 & 2, Boast Busters, and Dragonshy!

Credit for the vectors goes to ~SirSpikensons for the image from Over a Barrel: [link] and ~BucketOfWhales for the one from The Ticket Master: [link]

Dark Version: [link]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Pinkie Pie © Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Vectors by ~SirSpikensons and ~BucketOfWhales
Carving © Me
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That looks AWESOME!!!!!
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That was my thought while carving xD
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lol X) Awesome job btw! :D
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...I had a mental blowout.
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Oh noes! *puts a band-aid on it*
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I have those every other day. You get used to it, especially when you're stuck working with a British troll every day.
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Woah, I thought someone drew this at first when it was on Nightly Roundup# 403 on Equestria Daily
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Duuuude! I hadn't seen that I made it to ED! I'm so honored!
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That is impressive as hell.
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must make for halloween
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Good luck! I hope to see a lot of them :D
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I have no idea how anyone can still pull off doing this but man is it good! :wow:
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Thanks! It just takes practice, patience, and a little know how. And occasionally toothpicks.
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I know what my pumpkin this halloween will be...
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