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Nightmare Night - Princess Luna Pumpkin

Happy second weekend after Halloween everyone! If you weren't sure I was crazy about pumpkins yet, this should prove it.

I had a couple of pumpkins that I really wanted to carve this year, but never found the time thanks to my weekends being filled with obligatory social gatherings. I thought about putting them off til next year, but I still had pumpkins leftover that were the perfect size and shape. I held a poll to see if anyone here was interested in seeing some post-Halloween carves, and the consensus was an overwhelming yes, so here we are.

I really wanted to carve Princess Luna, since Luna is best princess. I also want to try and carve at least one pony pumpkin every year too. I was originally hoping that I could submit it for Equestria Daily's big pumpkin thing, but they ended before Halloween so I had no time.

It still turned out super awesome, even though I missed the deadline. I'm always complaining about this, but the pictures don't do it justice. Seeing it in real life you can tell there's a different level of shading where the starry mane overlaps the cloud. I'm super proud of this one, it's one of my best carves ever.

Light Version: [link]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Princess Luna © Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Vector by *Maishida seen here: [link]
Carving © Me
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This looks more like a fire version of luna
Tarascus101's avatar
Simply awesome work. Recpect.
Brohoof /)
johwee's avatar
Thank you! (\
henx125's avatar
fuuu how you do dis so gud it hurts
johwee's avatar
xD Just a lot of practice and a few hours of carving time!
Patty-Chickens's avatar

really really really really beautifull!:faint:


johwee's avatar
:D This one's one of my favorites!
doctorwhooves107's avatar
can I try to carve that design on my pumpkin?
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Sure! Thank you for asking!
doctorwhooves107's avatar
you're welcome thank you for letting me do it
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Hah, EqD just noticed this... but better late than never, right? :) I really love the carving, and I think it very much deserves to be in the spotlight -- doubly so with Nightmare Night already coming up again!
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I sent it in to them the other day :D I did carve this one in mid November, so I don't really blame them for missing it; no one really expects pumpkins after Halloween.

And thanks! I'm looking forward to Nightmare Night and all the pumpkin carvings! Should start seeing pumpkins in stores this weekend!
firefox3306's avatar
Love you luna!!
Sh0cK3R-Rotom's avatar
OH MY GOSH I love this

I love the attention to detail

oh and Ive asked allmost all my friends but i cant beleave i havent asked you

what do you think of season 3 so far
i love the newest ep so mw new fave
johwee's avatar
I'm really liking season 3, there hasn't been a bad episode yet! I think the Scootaloo episode is the best so far :D
Sh0cK3R-Rotom's avatar
yeah its eather
Scoots episode
Magic Duel
or Wonderbolts episode that everyone has told me they like the most

and so far one thing i would say is my fave part of an episode is in Apple Family Reunion with little AJ going more apple fwidder and Babs Seed sayin "fuggedaboutit" and "its lika mile away or sumin"
johwee's avatar
Wonderbolts was good, I really liked how they handled the lesson and didn't go with what I expected. They did that in Sweet and Elite too and I really enjoyed it there too. I liked Magic Duel as well, but I'm not as crazy about it as some of the fans.
johwee's avatar
Hehehe, thank you!
DarkShadowguardian's avatar
Wow awsome nice work.
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