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Third pumpkin of the Halloween day carving frenzy. Patchmaster stencil from Zombie pumpkins, the one that everyone and their grandma carved this year. I don't blame em either, it's a sweet stencil. I swear, I can't for the life of me figure out where one of the fingers went. I know I lost one in carving, but later I found the second one gone and couldn't figure out where it went. It is a mystery.

Added my own touches by shading the middle. I like it better this way, for I am a shading whore.

Stencil © Ryan Wickstrand @ [link]
Carving © Me.
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ohh this looks awesome.:D
i may acutally usuaing a pumpkin carving kit next year.
but the steak and pear knifes work so well.
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Got this featured in my journal...very nice!
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Thank you so much!
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Was this cut with a regular knife? It's great, really well done.
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Kind of. I have tiny serrated knives that are specially for pumpkin carving. I'm not sure exactly which ones I used for this particular carving though.
scarletwish's avatar
This is really amazing, great work.
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yay for missing fingers. the pumpkin was very dedicated to the holiday spirit.
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I like when you're a shading whore. :D
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