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Hogwarts Crest Pumpkin

A Sleeping Dragon is Never to be Tickled.

This is the pumpkin that sucked away all my carving time on Saturday and Sunday. That's right, I spent two days on this thing. I was marathoning the movies while I carved, and this one took up half of 3, and all of 4, 5, and 6. It's crazy man. Be sure to check out the full view for epicness.

So this is actually my 100th carved pumpkin in the 10 years I've been at this. I knew I wanted to go big, so I carved the full crest of Hogwarts, complete with both banners! This one was all me, and all about the shading. It took forever. This thing is so gigantic and detailed, the pictures don't do it justice. I'm really happy with how it turned out, but I regret how long it took. I could have easily carved the other 4 patterns I wanted in the time it took this beast. But it wouldn't be Halloween if I didn't show off just a little :D

Light Version: [link]

Harry Potter and Hogwarts Crest © J.K. Rowling
Carving © Me
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I have no words for this!
Your 100th pumpkin turned out really really awesome!
Sad that they won't last long :(

Btw would you think it's possible to "freeze" them in transparent resin? Like other people do with insects
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I've never thought about sealing them in resin, so I don't know how well it would work. A quick google browsing seems to indicate that it wouldn't because it has too much moisture and would probably still rot. It's a fun idea though!
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oh man :/

i also saw a guy who vaccum sealed his carved pumpkins
but i can't find the video at the moment

and here they use bleach…

i think i'll try it out when i make a pumpkin again
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I can vouch for most of those methods from the link working! They won't keep a pumpkin forever, but I did keep this one in particular at least through Thanksgiving by keeping it in my fridge most of the time. I believe I used the petroleum jelly and bleach mist as well. Eventually I do need to put food in there though...
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Oh incredible! I want this as a lamp in my house!
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I wish it were permanent so I could keep it as a lamp myself!
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this is incredible!! do you mind if I try my best with the picture of yours? it might not turn out as good (i'm pretty sure it won't) but I'd love to give it a try!! :)
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Sure, you're welcome to give it a shot! Thanks for asking!
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is this handcrafted or witchcrafted? o_o
no matter what, it's awesome xD
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Haha, hand crafted xD But if I were at Hogwarts, I'd totally be stalking Hagrid to get a hold of one of those giant pumpkins, and perfecting the ultimate pumpkin carving spell!
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A.W.E.S.O.M.E. O__o
I adore you..
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I love it!!! It's amazing!! ;)
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Thank you! It's one of my favorites too :D
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simply isnt done
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Haha, but like many students at Hogwarts, I believe the rules are more like guidelines :D
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That is just crazy! Amazing work. ^-^
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Thank you! It was pretty crazy to try something that big on Halloween...
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This is so amazingly well done! Great job!
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Thank you very much!
Dakota-Sunset's avatar
No problem at all!
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Congratulations! :heart:
This deviation has been featured at #Harry-potter-club: [link]
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Wooooooah thank you so much! I am truly honored!
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wow that is amazing
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