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Francis Watermelon

Not just a Kirlia, this is Francis. An AWESOME Kirlia. So don't be commenting just calling him a Kirlia, because it's Francis.

This Francis watermelon as done for both a gift for my awesome friend Jessi ([link]), and as part of a contest for a forum game. And also because Francis is awesome. The art itself does not belong to me, it was drawn by the awesome Lindsey ([link]). I just carved it onto a watermelon, as is my way.

Look, a toothpick! *ducks and covers*

Art © Lindsey ([link])
Francis © Jessi ([link])
Kirlia © Nintendo
Carving © Me
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© 2007 - 2021 johwee
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Nooo, it's Francis xD
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Ohhhh okay so guy kirlias are francis's and females are kirlia's?
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Nah, just this particular Kirlia is Francis.
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I know. I was joking. :) i joke badly a looooot.

so how do you do the carvings? do you just do it? or do you look at a picture or trace
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Hehe, it's alright xD I did this one for a friend, so I must insist on it being Francis instead of a regular kirlia, since Francis is awesome.

I use a pattern, which I guess is like tracing. That word has such a terrible context though, so I don't like using it. I consider it more akin to a sewing pattern, where tracing is just the first stage and the hard part comes afterward.
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the pattern is what i meant by. Do you just print pictures out or what? It seems really cool and I want to do it but I don't want to waste a pumpkin or paper ya know?
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I usually print out pictures, then transfer them on with saral transfer paper. Most people work with specific patterns made for jack-o-lanterns, but I'm too lazy to make my own so I just skip that step and work directly from pictures if there isn't a pattern already. Other ways of transferring are sticking the picture on directly and cutting through it, and the poking method.
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HEY I finally set up my new DevianrtArt account, NOW I CAN FAVORITE THIS. AND I WILL *favorites Francis!*
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OMFG!!!! thats my favorite pokemon!!! i wuv it!!!
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All hail Francis!
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You've got Francis, and I've got Raia! Kirlia are awesome!!!
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He's got Francis, you've got Raia, And I'VE got Kilara! XDD
Kirlia are awesomeTASTIC!
NobodysWanderingSoul's avatar
Yes! I agree with the awesometasticness!!
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Awesome carving of Francis.
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