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For Treasure - Tressa Pumpkin

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In Octopath Traveler, treasure is a perfectly good reason to go on a world spanning adventure and destroy a dark god! I'm borrowing all the titles of these from the soundtrack, specifically the character motifs that play as lead ins to the boss fights.

For those who didn't play the game, each of the 8 characters has this emblem in the menu that represents something about them as a character, or about their journey. They don't really get used anywhere else, but I latched on to them as being absolutely perfect for pumpkin carving designs. Thankfully thetacticalgmr over on the r/OctopathTraveler reddit made some amazing vectors I was able to use as patterns. I can't thank him directly since I don't have an account there, but I am thankful none the less.

I like all the characters, but Tressa ended up being one of my least favorites, sadly. Probably just a result of her story being more shallow than the others, but that's not really her fault and I do like that there is a lot of variety in the intensity of the stories. It also might be that she is the character most likely to dunk on the others, and yet she doesn't dunk on Cyrus. Merchant class is OP though, so she's got that going for her. As for the carving, it's the journal and a compass rose, that was very confusing to carve properly. Maybe the second hardest after Cyrus, due to the book pages being similarly complicated.

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Tressa's Emblem © Square Enix
Carving © Me

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