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11 Pumpkins of Halloween

And now just to finish the season off, I present to you all 11 pumpkins of my Halloween weekend. I set them all up and let them burn for a couple of hours, and they were all so pretty.

I wanted to have a costume that went with the whole Video Game Theme, but ran out of time so I just wore a viking hat. Total time spent on all this from when I started transferring patterns to the final set of pictures was about 72 hours. They've all since rotted away, but that's just part of carving pumpkins.

This was by far the best Halloween I've had. I met my goal of doubling what I had done over the previous weeks, and had a great display to show for Halloween night. I'm not sure how I'm going to top this next year.

Characters © Nintendo, Capcom, Pokemon, Square-Enix, ect.
Patterns © VGCats: [link] , Zombie Pumpkins: [link] , and Myself.
All carvings © Me.
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These are really neat! I love how they're all carved. I wished I had the time to carve 11 pumpkins, I usually do at least 2 each year.