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As funny as that line is, it extremely ture, I currently on the hook for some bull**** that I can not and probably shouldn't go into at this time.

Here's the deal I need some money to pay for legal matters and if I can't come up with the money I will mostly drop off the face the planet - permentary. So I'm asking the DeviantART community to help me out in the darkest hour in my life, please consider one of the follow ways to help:

1) Art Commissions - My prices are fair and reasons however they are negotiable. Below are my commission details:
JZ Scott Media - Art Commissions
Basic Pencil Sketch: $5 USD
Basic Digital Sketch: $6 USD
Traditional Inked Line Artwork: $7 USD
Digital Line Artwork: $8 USD
Traditional Colored Artwork: $12 USD
Digital Colored Artwork: $15 USD
Orginial Character Design: $50+ USD

Estimated Turnaround: 7-14 days (based on complexity)

Contact Me via DeviantART's Note System or through my site - Contact Me TODAY!!!

2) Donations - Just Give Me Money!
Have some extra money and want to make a charitable contribution. Send it to me money via Paypal or real money to my home < Note Me
Anyone that donates more than $10 USD (After fees) will get one free digital sketch of there choice (2-3 Month Turnaround).


3) Help with Employment
If your live or know someone in west-central Illinois or North-East Missouri that is hiring please point me to their direction.
My Notable Skills are as follow: Adobe Photoshop (~3 Years of Experenice), Immeditiy Computer Repair and Networking Skills, Obviously art and creativity abilities (~ 17 Year of experince), I'm the lord and savor of mankind, hotel maintainance, cashiers and general labor.


You know someone that is in need of creative person and allows telecommuting (Skype, IM, Email, etc), please point me in their direction

Please Contact Me with any job offers

I know that I have done this in the past but this is very serious - if you would like to help please use on of the above methods. I do appericate the kind words of hope but I really need help on the above matters

If you personally can not please share this journal with your watchers, friends, or followers to get the word out to the world.

I Thank You from the bottom of soul for reading the attempting to help in this, my darkest hour. And again Your My Only Hope, DeviantART

John Z. Scott

P.S. By helping me, you help my characters live on!

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I would so love to help... and I will do my best. A journal is being made now in your favour! To advertise your struggles! We need as many people as possible! I hope it helps!
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JohnZScottStudent General Artist
Thank you, that is very kind of you!
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JohnZScottStudent General Artist
You're too kind.
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RhayvenNiteHobbyist General Artist
I haz no moneys ._.

And holy shit - I dont even want to know what you got into O_O How many times do I have to tell you NOT to get in with the mob hon?
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JohnZScottStudent General Artist
Ha ha! If only the mob were involved, it would be better!
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RhayvenNiteHobbyist General Artist
Aww. I figured the mob was involved, with how you worded the message =( Anyways, sorry I can't help you bud >.< But, well, lacking a job means lacking money :/
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JohnZScottStudent General Artist
It's okay, but as I said, point anyone who can help in my direction!

And that's something I know all too well, believe me!
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