Blender 2.7x XPS Tools 1.1

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Upgrade for the XPS Blender addon.

Change log.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved compatibility with XPS/XNALara Mesh Versions.
  • Mod Protection. When exporting a Mesh you have the option to protect the mesh (only applies to binary meshes). When you try to import a protected mesh the addon will show a message in the blender console indicating that the mesh is protected. And will not import the model.
  • Better Blender internal Materials. Import and you have a model that looks just like in XPS! (well... almost). Don't know how to reproduce the XPS reflections, and the micro bumps masks. If you can enlighten me, please do so.
  • Hide Bone Buttons. 3 new buttons: Unused hiddes all the bones witch names start with unused. Vertex Group hiddes bone chais that do not belong a vertex group that influences the mesh. Show All Shows all hidden bones.(hidden bones are just moved to the layer 2 of the armature, so make sure you clean up before exporting)
and the best one of all...
No more stupid rips needed!! In the previous version you needed to ensure you have 1 uv coordinate per vertex. So you needed to create rips in the models. NOT ANY MORE. The addon manages it for exporting and importing so you don't need to merge doubles either. (The addon considers 2 point with the exact same coordenates and normal as the same vertice)

Happy modding/posing!

PS: Forgot to mention this in the previous version too. You can use Quands or Ngons to model and the addon will convert to triangles where necesary. ;)

Look for this, the latest and previous versions of the addon here.
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Hi, are you still supporting this? If so I'm trying to import a model into Blender 2.8.2 and I am getting the following error:

struct.error: unpack requires a buffer of 1 bytes

location: <unknown location>:-1

It doesn't happen when I import smaller files. Is there any way to get round this? This is the model I'm trying to import:

detroit become human: wr600 services outfit

Thanks in advance :)

doesnt apear in my toolshelf

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mediafire es a shit..

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I'm getting a error message whenever I try to enable the plugin.
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Works well with 2.8. but I need help. My camera renders a different pose than what's in my view port. I only have one camera and I reset the pose entirely. The camera always render the old pose? Is that a glitch with the plugging?
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The xps plug in I mean
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Hello, I am new to all of this, yesterday I started as new beginner 3D artist and used XNALara and Blender, got this link from a another artist but I don't know how to install this :( any guide or read me file for installation?
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Hi, I tried the Dropbox link because it worked, but I don't see an XNALara mesh for Blender 2.79 or 2.7x. :(
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Updated the link, should have all version now.
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I have a little problem, when exporting to Xnalara it's saved as unamed.xps not xps.xps ^^"
Any solution ? None of the option is compaprtible with the actual version of Xnalara/XPS

I use Blender 2.76 (since my computer haven't all the minimum requirement for a later version) and instaled the latest XPS adon fore those versions (1.8.6 from the 2.74-2.79 folder).
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You could rename the file... or just set the name when exporting.

If you try to open a model in XPS from:
Modify->Load Generic_item: will open almost any filename supported by XPS (xps.xps, *.mesh, *.ascii, *.obj)
File->Add Model: expects to find a file name xps.xps or generic_item.mesh
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So I'm trying to import a model that isn't poseable or a character while I am still trying to find my way around blender. I tried everything, including using another xps model as a framework to get the new one to import, but I can't for the life of me get it to work! I keep getting program error messages when loading the model into XNALara. Is there any way you can fix this for me? If so, I can use what you've done as a framework for future imports. I find it easier to learn when reverse engineering thing compared to learning from text or words.
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are you using the latest release of blender and the addon?
what is the problem exactly?
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Probably really late, but, importing is annoying, as I keep getting a GIANT ERROR text box when I tried to load it in. Help? Plz?
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What program?
What version?
What does the error say?
SnowyTWebs's avatar
No idea, as it is quite big.
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Dl'd, thanks mate.
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big thanks for johnzero. :thumbsup:
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thanks man, very usefull
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Okay so I'm having a script error I don't know what to do
Screenshot 1 by PandaAnonymous  
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That version of the addon requires Blender 2.74 or higher. Update your version of blender. The latest is 2.78
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Honestly, at this point, I have no idea what version I have
but I'll try out the new blender thanks for the reply 
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