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I rewrote the Xnalara/XPS importer-exported from scratch. Now it has better performance, unicode character support, binary and ascii import/export, pose import import/export and default pose support.

First thing is the new XPS Toolshelf. It only appears in object mode and the available options depend on the current selected objects.
You can import from the file menu or use the toolshelf for quicker access. Also from the XPS toolshlef you can change the view mode to GLSL, Shadeless materials and reset to normal.
  Toolshelf by johnzero7

Importing to Blender

  • When importing Xnalara/XPS models bones that don't affect the mesh will be moved to the layer 2 of the armature.
  • Pose bones will be colored according to Bone Groups and affected meshes.
  • To import a pose, just make selection that includes the armature and import the pose. The selection can include other objects (meshes, lamps, etc.) but the pose will be applied only to the first armature within the selection.
  • You can import ascii or binary meshes.
  • You can adjust UV mapping displacement.
  • You can import the default pose if any

Exporting to XPS

  • All meshes within selection will be exported. But only the first armature found in the selection.
  • You can export ascii or binary (.mesh or .xps).
  • You can adjust UV mapping displacement.
  • You can export the current as the default pose.

Anything in the internet is fair game. Go nuts.

PS: If REALY REALLY REALLY like the models I see made with this I MIGHT add more features like Cycle Materials converter and Automatic Render group renaming.

Look for this, the latest and previous versions of the addon here.

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im using 2.70 and trying to import the addon with the zip file but it keeps on giving me ImportError no module named zipfile