XPS to Blender 2.7x(Blender internal the easy way)

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Things we are gonna need are

For Mac Users
Safari automatically unzips downloaded files and deletes the original ZIP file. 
Try disabling this function (I don't know how, I never used a Mac) or download using another browser like Firefox.


UPDATE: Here is avideo showing the install process. Thanks a lot!
Install Xps addon to blender

First thing we have to do is to installing the addon.
Go to the provided link and download the latest version of the addon. DO NOT UNZIP IT.
Open Blender and go to File > User Preferences
Select the Addons tab and click the "Install fom File..." button

Screen002 by johnzero7
Find the downloaded addon zip file and click the "Install fom File..." button

The XPS tools addon should be de only addon diplayed on the list, if not type "XPS" in the search dialog.
Now Check the checkbox to the right to enable the addon.
Click the "Save User Settings" button and close the window.

Screen005 by johnzero7

A new tab called XPS should have appeared in the toolshelf
Screen007 by johnzero7

Importing the model

Now open your backdrop.
Screen009 by johnzero7

We are ready to import the XPS/XNALara model. In the 3DView show the toolshelf (Shrotcut: T) and go to the XPS tab. Select the Import Model Button an import the model. 
The addon will create all the materials and import the armature of the model.
Screen009 by johnzero7

To preview the model without having to setup lighting, click the Shadeless button in the XPS toolshelf.
Screen017 by johnzero7


If your model had a armature in XPS/XNALara, the addon created an armature in Blender and you can pose it or import a pose just like in XPS.

To manualy pose the model select the armature. Change to Pose mode. You can make a second 3Dview and set its display mode to "Render Only" to make the results easier to see. The CheckBox "Render Only" will hide fom the view ani object that is not displayed in the render.
Screen010 by johnzero7

To import a pose: Select the armature. In the XPS toolshelf click the Import: Pose button. Select the pose file and... done.
Screen020 by johnzero7

Lighting the scene

Create a Area Light (SHIFT A). This will be out main light, it will provide most of the light to our model. 

Screen013 by johnzero7

If you have trouble selecting the light or any object in your scene hold ALT while selecting. Blender will display a list of all the objects under the cursor for you to elect from.
Position the light.
Now we are going to aim the light. With the light selected press CTRL 0 (Zero, Insert from the keypad). This will set the light as the active camera and the view will change to the lamps perspective.
Press SHIFT F to enter Walk navigation mode. In this mode you can move just like in a FPS game 
Look around with the mouse.
Walk with WASD.
Q and E go up and down.
SHIFT sprint.
ALT walk.
Mouse scroll wheel up and down control the movement speed.
SPACE or middle mouse button teleport to the cursor position.

WARNING: TAB will activate gravity and the camera will fall down if there nothing under it.

Aim the lamp to the model then left click or hit enter to end the Walk navigation mode.
To exit camera perspective mode press 0 (Zero, Insert from the keypad). Adjust the distance of the light so the dotted line ends when touching the model. At this point the light is at mid intensity. Set its Energy to 0.5
Screen012 by johnzero7

Duplicate the light by pressing SHIFT D. The new light will be our "Fill light". It's purpose is to make the shadows of the main light not so dark but allowing some shading so the model doesn't look flat. Set it's energy to 0.2. Position the same way that the main light.
Screen014 by johnzero7

Camera Positioning

Select the camera and position it just like you did with the lights
CTRL 0 (Zero, Insert from the keypad): set the camera as the active camera
SHIFT F: Walk Navigation mode.

You can also press CTRL ALT 0 (Zero, Insert from the keypad) to place the active camera at the same position as the current 3DView.
Change the resolution to the desired size. The percentage under the resolution will reduce the resolution to make preview renders faster. We will change this to 100% when we make the final render.
Screen015 by johnzero7


We are ready to see our creation in all it's glory, press F12
This render is not our final render. It's a little lower quality but a lot faster.

Now you can tweak the pose of the model, the lights, etcs. Once you are happy with the results we are ready for the final render.

Increase the fill light Samples to 5 and the main light to 10.
Screen014 by johnzero7

set the resolution to 100%.
Screen018 by johnzero7

enable indirect lighting.
Screen019 by johnzero7

All is ready for the final render, Press F12 again. Depending on your machine and the complexity of the scene this may take a while. Once the render is ready save it. Go to Image > Save as Image.

Enjoy your work and don't forget to share!

Render by johnzero7

© 2014 - 2021 johnzero7
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NatashaIlich's avatar

doesnt work in blender 2.9

Gnapped's avatar

you are now my hero.

Aletheiya's avatar

For everyone having problems with the newer versions and not finding the XPS menu, watch this video

Aeon-Silence's avatar

Just to be clear, you need XNALara and the models you want to import, installed first before you import them to Blender?

JaniWorks's avatar

What version do I need for 2.70 and 2.79? I keep getting traceback errors

Keybearer001's avatar

Does with work with blender 2.90

Primus03's avatar

Does this work with TDA models?

Very helpful! Thanks a million :D

Lilac18Lily's avatar

My light is too bright, the models just appear like they are painted because of that?? how do I fix this?


Hello, thanks a lot for all this informations but I got a little problem :( Textures don't load :( I'm a newbie in blender but how can I make them appear please ? Thanks you very much

johnzero7's avatar

Blender can't find the textures or are in a format Blender can't read.

Check the location of the images.

kenji005's avatar

Hi, i have that textures same problem. There is a folder in mine that contains textures but the labels are rather confusing so i dont know how to know which texture goes where. Like the labels are for example body_A_B or body_N_O etc... i cant see a pattern i recognize. Will i have no choice but to try every single mmaterial file?

NightTimeNoctis's avatar
loading a pose isnt working for me for some reason. it was just a simple tpose but it wont do anything i dont understand.

"It doesn't work" isn't very helpful.

If the tool really didn't work at all, they would probably have noticed. Since they haven't noticed, it must be working for them. Therefore, either you are doing something differently from them, or your environment is different from theirs. They need information; providing this information is the purpose of a bug report. More information is almost always better than less.

If you have to report a bug to a programmer who can't be present in person, the aim of the exercise is to enable them to reproduce the problem. You want the programmer to run their own copy of the program, do the same things to it, and make it fail in the same way. When they can see the problem happening in front of their eyes, then they can deal with it.

So tell them exactly what you did. Tell them which buttons you pressed and what order you pressed them in.

Because the tool reads from two files, you will probably need to send a copy of the two files (.pose and .mesh).


Are you really sure that you first selected the amature and then pressed the Import-->Pose button?

doesnt apear in my toolshelf

richimpulse's avatar

Hi John, thank you for this awesome add-on!

I have a problem with imported models (.mesh and .ascii) where when i try to render in cycles, for some reason the models render partly transparent? (image attached) Using Eevee seems to fix this transparency issue, but then the quality seems very poor. Can you advise what i am doing wrong please?

RebelliousTreecko's avatar
It shows up on the addon list, but gives a "syntax error" message when I try to check it.
johnzero7's avatar
For blender 2.80 download XPS tool 2.0.0
its doesn't work with new blender official released 2.8
MarioStrikerMurphy's avatar
Do you have one for XPS to Maya?
johnzero7's avatar
Not mine, I only know that this one exists XnaLara Converter by :iconmariokart64n:
But I dont use Maya so I never tried it.
mariokart64n's avatar
Hey thanks, but my script is outdated. The best solution is installing blender and using John's addon to either work within blender or export to FBX to migrate to another software. Good Work on the addon btw John
PootisPowah's avatar
very helpful. thx
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