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Things we are gonna need are

Check my previous tutorial to learn how to install addon on Blender  XPS to Blender 2.7x(Blender internal the easy way)Things we are gonna need are
Blender 2.7x tools addon for Blender (Blender 2.7x XPS Tools 1.1 made by yours truly OMG MOAR POEMS!)A Model for XPS/XNALara (Binary or ASCII)
For Mac Users
Safari automatically unzips downloaded files and deletes the original ZIP file. 
Try disabling this function (I don't know how, I never used a Mac) or download using another browser like Firefox.
UPDATE: Here is avideo showing the install process. Thanks a lot!
Install Xps addon to blender
First thing we have to do is to installing the addon.
Go to the provided link and download the latest version of the addon. DO NOT UNZIP IT.
Open Blender and go to File > User Preferences
Select the Addons tab and c

Ok, so this is how the new tools of the addon works.

Bone Renaming
Some functionalities of blender requiere the names of the bone to follow certain conventions (Blender Manual:…)

Bone Rename by johnzero7
The XPS to Blender button will affect all the selected armatures, it will rename all the bones that contain the word left or right and replace them with the placeholder *side* (this is to be able to reconstruct the original name latter) and add to the end of the name the suffix .L and .R respectively.

The Blender to XPS button affects all the selected armatures, renames all the bones, replace the *side* with the corresponding words left or right according to the suffix .L or .R, and remove the suffix. This should effectively restore the original name of the bone.

Importing/Exporting a sequence of poses.

Importing a sequence of poses as Keyframes.

For this you are gonna need a Model and a sequence of poses for that model. You can make the poses any way you want, the only requisite is that the ending of the name of the poses must be a numeric sequence.
For example runcycle-0001.poseruncycle-0002.pose, etc. or walk001.posewalk001.pose, etc.

First import your model.

Now Select the armature so that is the active object.
Goto to the XPS Toolshelf and in the XPS Anim panel click the button Poses to Keyframes.
Keyframes-001 by johnzero7This will open a file selection dialog. Select 1 pose of the sequence. It doesnt matter witch one you choose, the addon will import all the poses in the sequence.
Keyframes-002 by johnzero7

The addon imported all the poses as keyframes (the yellow lines in the timeline).
You can left click on the timeline and scrub to see the animation. Since we only imported keyframes, the animation is very choppy.
Keyframes-003 by johnzero7

Now we will put some frames in between the keyframes to make a better animation.
Set roughly the length of the animation by changing the start and end frame of the playback/render range.
With this we will be able to preview the animation and make it loop when we press ALT+A for playback. Press it again to stop.

Change the editor area from Timeline to Dope Sheet.
Hit the Home Key to bet fit all the keyfames in the screen.
Keyframes-004 by johnzero7

Those squares/diamonds are the keyframes. Each bone has its own keyframes.
Keyframes-005 by johnzero7

To select a keyframe right click on it. To move a keyframe Press G or right click and hold. Left click to place the keyframe.
If you try to move the keyframes selecting them to the right of the bone names you will move the individual keyframe for a bone, we want to move them together. To do this select the key frame from the top part.
Keyframes-007 by johnzero7

Keyframes-006 by johnzero7

Once you space the keyframes, blender will create the in between frames automatically.
Keyframes-008 by johnzero7Press CTRL+ALT+P to set the preview range automatically from the first keyframe to the last and then press ALT+A to playback the preview.

Export a sequence of frames as poses.

The button Frames to Poses will export every single frame in the playback/render range to a sequence of poses.
Select the armature with the poses you want to export.
In the Timeline change the start and end frames.
Click the Frames to Poses button and input a name for the sequence.
The addon will add 3 digits to the name. This numbering correspond the the number of the frame.

Keyframes-009 by johnzero7

Now you can load the poses sequence back into XPS and watch your animation

Enjoy and don't forget to share!


© 2014 - 2021 johnzero7
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I need video for this from scratch
Me encanta tu trabajo, aprovecho para agradecerte de todo corazón la rápida respuesta que tuviste con la actualización de la versión 2.8 de Blender, ahora disfruto de ella satisfactoriamente, ¿Me gustaría saber si tienes pensado agregar a xps la importación archivos bvh? que combinado con tu sistema de retargeting el cual es único e inigualable, se convertiría en una herramienta muy preciada e indispensable en el proceso de animación. en la actualidad utilizo makewalk pero no cumple con mis expectativas como sé que lo haría xps con sus potentes herramientas, también sé que se puede trabajar con los archivos .pose pero los archivos bvh son los más comunes de encontrar en la Web para agilizar procesos de animación y el proceso de conversión de .bvh a .pose quita tiempo por eso veo dicha necesidad.
johnzero7's avatar

No tengo planeado agregar herramientas de retargeting. En 2.79 esta incluido el addon "Motion Capture Tools" que suelo usar para estos casos. Pero parece que no esta incluido en 2.80 por el momento almenos.
Fatninjadude's avatar
Where can I find poses?  Also, how do you get rid of the extra bones?  Mine has a lot of bones on it, it's hard to tell which are the "main" bones...
johnzero7's avatar
Xnalara Poses? JFGI 
Has an example:

You can add "unused" at the beginning of a bone name. XPS will hide the bone, and the addon will send it to the a different layer in the armature on import or if you click the button to "Hidde Bones" in the XPS Bone tools. The bone will still be available if you want them back later.

If you want the bone gone forever just delete it. 
Fatninjadude's avatar
I see... thank you for your help!
schalaplz's avatar
I've noticed trying to pose imported models has no constraints on the bones. Like, if I were to rig the model with, say, the rigify addon, and then in pose mode grab the arm with 'G' there'd be constraints so it doesn't stretch out in an absurd way. Blender doesn't seem to do that with an imported XPS rig though.
johnzero7's avatar
yeah, the addon only uses the info available in the model file and no other external logic to import the models. The mesh files don't have any info about restrains of any kind.

Other tool like rigify require a very specific number of bones, hierarchy and names to generate the rig. Since the XPS models don't follow any standard for bone hierarchy or names, I can't make something generic enough that would work most of the time (not saying it is impossible, just a limitation in my capacities with python and blender). 
My best attempt was to enable Auto IK, but even that behaves weird depending on the bone hierarchy.

Sorry, but until someone shows me how to implement such feature you will have to do it yourself. And every model you "FIX" you cant save the has an XPS model or you will loose all that work. You will have to save it has a blend file.
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Right about the missing info in the model data.
Therfore ==>… and following comments

Wrong, XNALara/XPS has a Standard for bone hierarchy… and bone names… ;) ... but nobody cares Thumbs Down

Your Tools are the best available solution (at this time)  Thumbs Up  Thumbs Up  Thumbs Up

Lol si y yo preguntando en ingles por costumbre :lol: Gracias otra vez por tu tiempo y trabajo. :hug:
johnzero7's avatar
Awesome! I had no idea about the incoming file format. Guess I will have to learn about the OBJ file format, unfortunately GTA5 happened Medic Really Likes What He Sees XD (Chat Icon)  . But eventually I will.

Thanksblush . I hope I can keep it has simple and straight forward as possible so people can concentrate on the creative part.

Es gracioso. Por lo general escribo en ingles porque pienso que de esa manera mas gente puede entender. Pero cada ves descubro que mas gente habla español! jejeje

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El español es la segunda lengua del mundo por número de hablantes y el segundo idioma de comunicación internacional. Más de 500 millones de personas hablan español. El español es la tercera lengua más utilizada en la Red. El 7,8% de los usuarios de Internet se comunican en español.
Una lengua viva :)

BTW: :)
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I see. Luckily I can always use the new RetopoFlow addon to retopologise it for easier geometry and rig that I guess.
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Hello. can you help me?
i need create pose like Da Vinci man - standart t-pose but leg spread out by 45 degrees each 
johnzero7's avatar
If you are in...

You can select the bone of the leg from the model view window, but this can be difficult if you have many bones. An easier way is to select the bone from the bone list.
Then move the slider of the Z axis.

In Blender:
Select the armature.
The change to pose mode.(On the 3D view pes TAB, the select Pose Mode. Or from the bottom part where says object mode, click and select Pose Mode)
Select the bone of the leg.
Press R to rotate. Then press Y to rotate only in the Y axis (Yes, the axis are diffent in XPS and Blender) 
Now you can move the mouse or input a number directly.

Hope this helps
repinscourge's avatar
thanks, i just edit simple street fighter model in xps, saved her pose & can use it in Bledner
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You can also click in XPS into the 3D window and press Shift+F11 to export the model poseable with "freeze pose" ;)
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Thank you for advice, problem solved 3 weeks ago.
what model are you using?
johnzero7's avatar
the model I used was
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