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LIID Week 86: Drowning Aquaman!

The Line It Is Drawn #86, 4/18/12: Comic book characters mashed up with classic paintings! I chose Aquaman in Roy Lichtenstein's "Drowning Girl". Interesting challenge to try and draw/letter as badly as Roy Lichtenstein (not a fan).

For this one I tried to do a Nick Cardy/Alex Toth Super Friends style Aquaman head, as I thought it would blend decently with the simplified/flattened style Lichtenstein used. Now that it's finished, I'm seeing a bit of Don Heck in there, too (Loston says it's the mouth).

The other entries for this week can be seen here: [link]

The "original" Lichtenstein piece, "Drowning Girl" can be seen here: [link]

The REAL original art by Tony Abruzzo from SECRET HEARTS #83 can be seen here: [link]

UPDATE: My pal Rob Kelly is featuring this piece on his great website, The Aquaman Shrine, today! Check it out: [link]
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This is amazing!
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As I'm studying history of art and curating at graduateschool,

in the semester

I need some information of pieces sometime,


And this time, I'd like to know more about your piece and Roy Lichtenstein's work -Drowning Aquaman and Girl-



I'll wait for your answer.


p.s. (And how can I get more information about your works?)

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I wonder


>of which Material did you draw,


>the Size of 'Drowning Aquaman',


>and when did you begin this work(year and month, please) and end?



Shadow-DJ's avatar can a guy who can BREATH UNDER WATER be able to DROWN!?
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My old classroom had a mural based off the Lichtenstein piece painted on the wall. I honestly think I would have preferred your piece. Instant classic :)
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You're most welcome :D
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Hahaha! This is funny. Great work.
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That deconstructing Lichtenstein is a great page... too bad all the GREAT art is all covered in macros.
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Yeah, that seems rather unfair considering that Lichtenstein's versions are better known by far.
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Ross Andru alone, however, has had more people love his work. Or Mike Sekowski. Let alone Joe Kubert!

I literally grew up on Ross Andru's Spider-Man and reprints of Sekowski's Justice League.
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That's a good point. I'd bet good money that Andru, Sekowsky and Kubert have all inspired more passionate, devoted fans than Lichtenstein has. RL strikes me as an artist who is intellectually appreciated more than loved.
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Topo is funnier I don't care what they say! You keep bringing the funny every week!
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OF COURSE Topo is funnier than Mera, Farlander. Why are we even discussing this? :)
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Thanks very much!
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