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LIID 150: Captain Marvels!

The Line It Is Drawn #150 for 8/2/13: Comic Book Cover Homages! I chose the suggestion "Action Comics #252 (The first appearance of Supergirl) with the original Captain Marvel and the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel." I was all set to draw a simple two character homage, when it struck me that Marvel had had a LOT of different Captain Marvels over the years, and we were off to the races!

Homage to the cover of Action Comics #252 by Curt Swan and Al Plastino. Original is visible here:…

You can check out all the other great cover homages here: goodcomics.comicbookresources.…
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Original Cap will always be CAPTAIN MARVEL, THE WORLD'S MIGHTIEST MORTAL !!!!!!!!

No matter what anyone says !

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I want to know how much did "marvel" pay the judge to let them "own-control" the word mutant as it was a scientific term decades before timely-marvel existed.

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Carol, you are the definitive Captain Marvel.

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Given the muffled up history of the name Captain Marvel, this in hindsight is hilarious, especial cause in 2019 there were essentially two Captain Marvel movies.
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Fight this evil Captain Marvel.
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No, not an illusion, it's the real deal
It got a laugh out of me.
Can this be purchased?
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Imaginative and well done! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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And this is why we call him Shazam now
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The Marvelous team
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they still some times call shazam captain marvel sometimes
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While they can call him "Captain Marvel" based on their licensing and eventual purchase of the character / universe from his original Fawcett comics and the settlement of an earlier lawsuit, they appear to have abandoned claims to the name in favor of Shazam. The DC / Marvel claim to ownership of the name was never litigated. It raises the suspicion that the name might have unintentionally fallen into public domain at some point, allowing Marvel to pick it up and use it on characters they could copyright as unique aside from the name. Much like you can have multiple "Snow White" as long as it applies to different, uniquely designed characters.
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Not enough. 

Shazam is the name of the Wizard, and Captain Marvel is the name of the hero that Billy Batson transforms into. Calling him "Shazam" is just making a dumb mistake official.
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Yes, is a shame  DC or/and Warner Brothers wasn't able to secure the name  now. 
I wonder how will that work in the upcoming movie?
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Don't worry, Billy, I'm sure you'll always be Captain Marvel in Kamala's heart.
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I did this piece in 2012 IIRC, so it was a little before Kamala's time. :)
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I was joking. But that was probably obvious.
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No, I gotcha. Just clarifying. :)
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Cap 'll always be THE Captain Marvel to me. I suppose it's DCs fault really, for driving Fawcett out of the market in the first place.
Anyway, Great Work! It really has a retro feel!
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At the time Fawcett thought they were getting the better end of the deal as they "settled" a lawsuit and licensed to DC. At the time comics were "dying" and they made more money via the license than through publication. DC eventually grew timed of paying the fee and formerly bought them out.

Of course, accusing DC of never really understanding or using the characters properly.......  I would recommend they take the 5th.
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Oh, Shazam!  Things got real right there and then!


Great job on this!
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