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LIID 127: Teen Titans Gone Bad!

By johntrumbull
The Line It Is Drawn #127 for 2/21/13: Superheroes Gone Bad! I choose to do the original Teen Titans in the style of a 50/60s teen movie. Robin's pose & the right tagline are from the poster of REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, Aqualad's pose is from a still from THE WILD ONE, Wonder Girl's is from the poster of KITTEN WITH A WHIP, and Kid Flash's from a photo of the Beatles from their Hamburg days. I had fun doing this one. Hope you guys like it!

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AtlasFan's avatar
Wonder Girl looks like the toughest/coolest of all of them!
BatmanXD100percent's avatar
XD I love how badass they look...... and then there's Aqualad!
CamiloSama's avatar
he should be wearing pants, i like him in teen titans animated version
johntrumbull's avatar
Yeah, tough to look intimidating in short shorts. :)
AzabacheSilver's avatar
Totally love the concept!  Youth gone wild!
daveracer's avatar
Love the Greased out Titans! 
SmokeyandtheBandit's avatar
Nice work. But you really should have added Speedy. I mean he did do drugs:nod:
TheGreatBurg's avatar
What about Speedy? :(
johntrumbull's avatar
I just decided to do the original Titans only.  And Speedy is only an original Titan through retcon.
Cameron-Ohara's avatar
Aqualad's leather jacket and hat is the most goofily awesome thing I've ever seen. :XD:
johntrumbull's avatar
Thank you! My job here is done! :)
StevenHoward's avatar
man i love this i even copied it and converted it to grey scale, you know just for my own nerdiness!! :)
johntrumbull's avatar
Wow, I'd actually like to see that. Can you send me a copy, Steve?
StevenHoward's avatar
will do sir it will be winging its way to you soon
AxelMedellin's avatar
That just reinforces Whertam's arguments!
johntrumbull's avatar
He was wiser than we knew! :)
AxelMedellin's avatar
Hush, that quote can be used against you!
mpz28's avatar
Wow! cool idea, and as alway it came out great :)
johntrumbull's avatar
Thanks as always! I appreciate the support!
LightningMan's avatar
I love the idea and the execution. Well done!
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