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Published: December 7, 2014
I have just joined in order to have another outlet for spreading word about my writings.

I have been writing with intent to complete a publishable novel since late 2010.

I began writing "Challenge Of The Velah" from, as with most of what I write, a phrase tromping other thought processes. When I wrote it down, more followed, and now I have the beginnings of a very (pardon the reference) challenging project.

That sentence came out:
"Then one day, as I stumbled upon a clearing, I found, much to my surprise, a much desired resting place for my weary bones." and has been since edited to "One day, as I stumbled upon a clearing, I found, surprising as it may have been, a much-desired resting place for my weary bones."
It may still need some work, but that's why they call it a "revision process".

Not only do I know little to nothing about either space travel or the workings of the ships used in that capacity, but I am trying to accomplish this task with no dialog in the story. There are quoted blocks where one of the alien characters is giving the history of their race and the weapon called Dagonae.

I am told that it can be done, but is extremely rare and quite difficult to pull off. I have hopes to get away with it. Most people who have read it had to verify the claim when I told them there is no dialog.

I have a blog devoted to the Barbarian, so I am making another for the Velah.

-- John

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