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Alright, first thing's first: Today is the 1-year anniversary of the Create a Comic Project - a project designed to facilitate creative writing for childruns. From what I understand, they're given an existing comic with the captions whited out and are challenged to populate the empty speech bubbles with the wild ramblings of their minds. Anyhow, last week the guy behind this project asked me if I could show off some of their work since today is their big day. I should probably reply to him.

Well, regardless, here's one of their comics that I found particular amusing:
An acceptable alternative to 4Kids
Of course, he had asked for permission to use my art for this kind of stuff earlier, so it's not like I learned just now that kids had been playing with my stuff. Well anyhow, you can go check it out - some of the stuff is pretty funny considering the age of the writers.

I suppose I'll also take this opportunity to explain why I haven't been putting up a whole bunch of art for the past two months. One excuse might be the Hyakuman Dance, but I didn't really work on that all the time, and most of the time put into it was the few days before its release. Anyhow, since around early October I've been doing some contract work on the side, so this art slump might persist until the end of this year and maybe even a bit into the next. I'll still try to make something every once in a while, though.

On a side note, I'd like to remind you all how important context is.
Anime is Educational

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oh noes the eggs lolz