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I've been wanting to try a piece like this for some time. Be sure to give both small view and full view a look.

EDIT: Darn, it looks like deviantART isn't cooperating as I would have liked it to. Well, I've changed it from gif to swf, so at least now once it's loaded you can click and click and click...
To "full view" it you'll have to click the download button on the side.

EDIT2: Yeay! My faith is restored in deviantART's ability to be rational and not require the download button.

Made in Flash & Fireworks
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scared me.
I do not forgive.
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This has a cruelty potential.
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Why is this so entertaining all these years later lolol
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I think the one with "SMALL VIEW PLEASE" is really small on the other's forhead.......
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I love it but it scared the shit out of me lol
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!

Once there was a little girl called Clarissa, she was ten-years-old and she lived in a mental hospital, because she killed her mom and her dad. She got so bad she went to kill all the staff in the hospital so the More-government decided that best idea was to get rid of her so they set up a special room to kill her, as humane as possible but it went wrong the machine they were using went wrong. And she sat there in agony for hours until she died.

Now every week on the day of her death she returns to the person that reads this letter, on a monday night at 12:00a.m. She creeps into your room and kills you slowly, by cutting you and watching you bleed to death.

Now send this to ten other pictures on this one site, and she will haunt someone else who doesn't. This isn't fake. apparently, if u copy and paste this to ten comments in the next ten minutes u will have the best day of ur life tomorrow. u will either get kissed or asked out, if u break this chain u will see a little dead girl in your room tonight. in 53 mins someone will say i love you or im sorry
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WARNING! If you continue to post chain letters, you'll earn naught but utter scorn from everyone around you!!
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you do know this is fake?
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HAHAHAHA  So many years later and I'm still laughing over this.  :)
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No puedo parar ¿Se podrá considerar maldad? :D
bebopblues84's avatar
I still love this!  LOLOLOL
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How did you upload this kind of stuff?
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This is incredibly amusing. I seriously love it.
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its soo gratifying.... the noise it makes..
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Very cute...made me laugh!!!
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This is flippin adorable! :iconiloveitplz:
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*click* oh... 0_o
*click* There we go. All better.
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This is so freaking satisfying ... *click* .. *click* .. *clickclickclickclickclick*
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This is a hilarious, ingenious use of the medium!
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