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Touhou - Shoot the Moon

Full title, because deviantArt has limits or something:
Touhou - Shoot the Moon (with a Gun! Hahaha!)
By the Way, You Guys Should Turn Around if You Want to Do That Because That's Where the Moon is

So why did I decide to make Touhou with guns? Because I figured "Hey, what if the bullets in bullet hell games came from guns? WOULDN'T THAT BE CRAZY??" and then "Mafia Touhou could be pretty cool."

But then I realized I had already drawn a mafia picture not too long ago, so I thought Okay, how about a Western? And I could call it 西砲 or something, which <2% of visitors would probably understand ('cause like, "touhou" has "east" in it, but "seihou" has "west" instead, and the "hou" has been changed to mean "gun." It gets funnier the more I explain it, right?).

Anyhow, admittedly I haven't played all that much Touhou, but I do like their character designs (which I didn't preserve! Why did I make this, then?) and I guess the internet likes it a little, too. I started working on this almost two months ago, and then was completely distracted by Bravely Default. But it's finally done, so I hope you enjoy it!

Also, I had made an alternate background with a lot of bullets, but which I ultimately found to be too busy so I replaced it with this busy tree. But you can see it here!…

Made in Manga Studio 5
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They look soo BADASS!
Great Work!
Good Luck with new arts!
And Enjoy spending your time on deviantart!
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Hi there. I really like your work and creativity. It just you done some pretty good work like the man-eating turnip and Death-kun. You are good with drawing and coming up with with crazy stories and creative comic. This Touhou fan art is like an AU(alternate universe) of Touhou(I think). It is pretty good.
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Thank you. I appreciate your feedback. It is nice.
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I love all the tastefully sexy, powerful women you invent. It's so refreshing.
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LOL that comment
I thought the exact same thing
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Stylish gohei, Reimu... And I have to wonder, do the holes made by Marisa's guns leave star-shaped holes? ...Wait, that came out all wrong! Anywho, I have to wonder, did Marisa shoot the base of her broom-gun?

Also, a question: How is Manga Studio? I got the 4th one years ago, and never got around to opening the thing... Just recently started arting again, and finding out that you can do something like 'this' in it is quite exciting, to say the least...
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Marisa's broom-gun simply has a star on it, not fired from her pistols.

I'm liking Manga Studio! Mainly the watercolor brushes and the ability to set layer colors.
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Aww. And here I was thinking of all the whacky situations that could have brought about a bullet hole! Perhaps someone stole her gun! Or maybe she was twirling them on her fingers, and accidentally let go! The possibilities are endless! Or they would be, anyways. Ohh well. Not everything can have a funny story behind it~

And that sounds pretty cool! I'll have to install it eventually.
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I like your take on the designs
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Are they from an anime?
Volchonokilli's avatar
Again that question :/
Toho is a game.
ComicaPaloozaStudios's avatar
No, Toho is a Movie Studio. Touhou is the game. It's even in the title.
Volchonokilli's avatar
It's spelled more like Toho. Actually, correct spelling is something like Tōhō, but not much people writes with macrons, so...
ComicaPaloozaStudios's avatar
Oh, ok. Thank you for correcting that.

And you're right: not many people write with macrons, as I've noticed. Or umlats, or accents, or AE as one letter, etc.
Volchonokilli's avatar
You're wēlcōmē... Oh,̄̄̄ no,̄̄̄̄ macrons is getting over me!̄̄̄̄̄̄̄
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For what platform?
Volchonokilli's avatar
First 5 games are for PC-98, other all are for PC and have another plot. Try it, 東方 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Don't play at easy, don't use continues. And you will see the Gensokyo sometime
YunaKozue's avatar
Ok. Thanks. I look forward to play this game^_^
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I love Touhou.
I love John Su's drawrings.


As a fan of you and a fan of Touhou...this has so much YES in it... I am faving this so hard.

And Marisa's broomstick gun is awesome. Reimu's...stick-thing sniper rifle is pretty cool too.

And Marisa has so many guns...which she would have, of course. She's just missing the missile launcher for the Magic Missiles. She probably used it already.

Apologies for the ramble. But this piece is fantastic.
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Thanks! I probably should have learned about the magic missiles before drawing this! But then again, I doubt I would have been able to work it into the theme.
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