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September 26, 2007
Ever feel like no matter how hard you try you just can't draw the human form?Stick People Drawing by *JohnSu is a humorous twist to this common problem.
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Stick People Drawing

I was watching a stick-figure movie and came to wonder what their perception of quality would be, and so this was born.

The "real" sketch on the canvas is probably what took the longest in drawing this picture. It has many layers of semi-transparent paint as there are problems with my apartment hygiene.

Made in Flash
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I saw this picture a very long time ago but I still think it's hilarious.

Jokerfan79's avatar
I remember when I only drew stick figure drawings which was so long ago
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this is funny and really clever well done
Jazzalent's avatar
yep  feel this way all the time
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Don't worry dude I know how you feel Llama Emoji-47 (Pretty Please) [V2] 
747snoodles's avatar
this is awesome XD
DarkMageComet's avatar
Hahaha :'') This is sooo true. I have a friend who draws stick figures like crazy, but I'm absolutely hopeless at them:) lol
Great job! This made my day!
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Giggle me and my sister love thiss!!Giggle Giggle 
H4rdQu0r3's avatar
Oh god, like 10 years ago I did the exact same sketch with the exact dialogue... xD
NathanKenway's avatar
I like things like this x)
Chiletrek's avatar
 Oh boy this was hillarious. thank you for sharing this with all of us :D .
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lol that's hilarious XD
Nice character switch
Jorja57catlover's avatar
if stick ppl were real id draw stick people and sell it, or trade my art for theirs 
Jorja57catlover's avatar
ohhhhh i get it lololololol
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