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Sailor Moon - Guts Da Ze

By JohnSu
First off: that is not a man.

Okay, I hope that answers half of your questions.

Anyhow, I don't know what exactly it is that drove me to draw Sailor Moon in this fashion, but it was fun. Specifically, I enjoyed the sharp, bold lines and shading. This was inspired in part by the awesome that is known as Ouendan, as is also evidenced by the fact that "Guts da ze!!" is also the name of one of the songs featured in it.

Oh yeah, I should probably tell you folks what's written. Sailor Moon is saying "Guts da ze!!!" (crudely translated as "It's guts, yo!"), and her posse in the back is saying "Ou~" as a sort of "Yeah~" expression. Also, the kanji on SM's medallion thing is "気" - spirit.

Okay, that's about it. Sorry to anyone who wished Sailor Moon would forever remain the wide eyed bishoujo.

Sailor Senshi © Naoko Takeuchi and her publishers

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Knight3000's avatar
Kind of cool that Usagi got like a Dragonball Z look with her expression and face
Shadowgirlfan's avatar
I can feel the fear of her enemies now xD
Why didn't she do that earlier?
SophiaDahlen's avatar
Sailor Moon extreme Shonen style
TheWaifuOfOsu's avatar
Sailor Moon ! 
One of my favourite animes ! 
animedoodle's avatar
All the othr scouts..... omg
Hexidextrous's avatar
Queen Beryl's minions better watch out now!
loneHarmony's avatar
I really like this! XD it reminds me of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
AMarionetteMaid's avatar
When I see this,
all I see is Jojo. XD
Erudithral's avatar
sayukaru's avatar
Milly from Code Geass <3
Snowflajke's avatar
This looks awesome. :D
It reminds me of momotaros

Demialc-neeb-sah-em's avatar
In the name of the GAR!
fullerjames's avatar
i like how the others are just blankly staring in amazment and confusion
Blinklight's avatar
I'm pretty sure for some reason that this is a jojo pose but I can't really place it rn
True-InTha-Blue's avatar
vicariousVisionary's avatar
I bought this at AX 2013 this year! Great poster I love it. Stay awesome!
JohnSu's avatar
Thanks! I'll try to!
Alliekat-meowmeow's avatar
omg, if only the show would take this turn just for the lolz!
BlueSatine592's avatar
Shared your pic here [link] included name of piece, you name, and the link back to here :)
JohnSu's avatar
BlueSatine592's avatar
Wow this is a really amazing piece may i showcase it on my page and send the link back here :)
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